Helen Longino (July 13, 1944 - Present)

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  • “Science as Social Knowledge”

    Helen Longino wrote her first book, titled “Science as Social Knowledge” in 1990. In this book, Longino explains how objectivity thrives in communities of scientists, rather than as individuals. Helen Longino argues that science is social, and not a one person field.
  • “The Fate of Knowledge”

    In the mist of disagreement about the role of social forces in creating scientific knowledge, Helen Longino looks to settle the dispute between philosophers of science and sociologists of science. Longino also talks about her work in social epistemology as she elaborates on the ideas from her first book.
  • “Studying Human Behavior: How Scientists investigate Aggression and Sexuality”

    Helen Longino wrote this book to bring light to the complications of human behavioral research in a time when the debate of “nature versus nurture” is extremely dominant. Longino concentrates on describing how scientists study human behavior. She also elaborates on the various approaches to the study of behavior while remaining unbiased, as she says no approach is the only correct one.
  • Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Science

    Professor Helen Longino was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Science in 2016. This served as a recognition for all her great contributions in philosophical naturalism and feminist epistemology.