Helen keller

Helen Keller by Hyejun

  • Birth

    Helen Keller was born
  • Period: to


    All the dates and months are not accurate but the years are.
  • Being deaf and Blind

    Helen Keller fell ill and turned blind and deaf
  • Learning to communicate

    Learning to communicate
    At the age of 7, Helen met her teacher Anne Sullivan.
  • Learning to use the Braille

    Learning to use the Braille
    She learned to read and write in Braille and learned to speak
  • Going to college

    She went to Radcliffe College with the help of Ann Sullivan
  • Writing a book

    Helen became a writer and made an autobiography "The story of my life".
  • The Graduation

    Helen graduated Radcliffe College and was the first person to graduate as a deaf and blind person.
  • Writing her second book

    Writing her second book
    She made her 2nd book "The world I live".
  • HKI

    Helen Keller made HKI also known as "Helen Keller International"
  • Traveling

    Helen conducted many tours and lectures in United States of America.
  • Success

    Helen successfully challenged Lions International, the largest fraternal organzation in the world.
  • Books

    Her popular book "My Region" was published.
  • Journal

    Helen Keller's Jouranl was published
  • Achieve

    She achieved an Oscar Award for the documetary movie she made.
  • Pioneer

    Helen became the first woman to recieve an Honorary degree
    from Harvard University
  • Award

    She recieved an award, the presidential medal of freedom.
  • Death

    Helen Keller died in the age of 88.