Hatchet Timeline - Coy

  • Secret

    He saw his mom cheat on his dad and caused the divorce.
  • Summers

    The judge rules that Brian is supposed to stay the summer with his dad and his school year with his mom.
  • Dad Leaves

    Dad Leaves
    Brians Dad leaves.
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    After the piolet died, Brian flew the plane until it crashed into a Canadian lake.
  • A trip to Canada

    A trip to Canada
    After a long drive with his mother from NYC to Hampton, NY, Brian boards a Cessa 406 with the pilot and some gear for the oil fields where Brian's dad works.
  • Heart attack

    Heart attack
    While Brian is in the plane, the driver starts to hold his heart and then he dropped on the floor and had a heart attack.
  • Day 2 - Gut Cherries

    Day 2 - Gut Cherries
    After the crash, Brian's immense hunger gets the better of him and he eats some berries that make him sick.
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    Brian needs to start a fire to stay alive, so he rubs his hatchet against a rock to make fire.
  • The foolbird

    The foolbird
    Brian got hungry so he starts too hunt for fool birds.
  • The moose

    The moose
    Brian had got attacked by a moose.
  • The Porcupine

    The Porcupine
    While brian was sleeping he woke up and heard a sound and saw a porcupine. As he went to hit it, it shot needles in to him.
  • The missed plane

    The missed plane
    Brian seen a search plane go over him, but by the time he went to go flag it down, he missed it.
  • The rescue

    The rescue
    When Brian was eating dinner someone had came to rescue him.
  • The first feast day

    The first feast day
    After Brian got the surviavl bag, he decided to have a feast day and then save the rest of the food.