Harry Truman"s Life in a nut shell

  • Birth

    Harry Truman was born in Lamour, Misssouri
  • Period: to

    Harry Truman's Nut Shell

  • Graduation

    Harry" garduation day was in 1901 (no specific date)
  • Death of da

  • WWI

    Harry was discharged to fight in France during World War One
  • Wedding

    Harry's big day was June 28, 1919
  • Senator

    Harry Truman became Senator of Missouri in 1922 ( no specific Day)
  • Margret Truman's B-Day

    Mary Daniel Truman was born on February 17, 1924
  • Re-elected for judge

    Harry Truman was re-elected for county judge. (no given day)
  • Takes Office

    Harry goes thriugh inicitation to take office in the White House
  • A Bomb

    Harry Decides to drop the atomic bombs in late 1945
  • Re-elected.

    Harry was re-elected to presedency in 1948. (no specific date)
  • Tv Time!

    Harry was the first peasident to ever give a speech on television!
  • Truman's death

    Harry Trman's last breath was on December 26, 1988
  • Margret Dies

    Marget Truman dies in 2008. ( no specific date)