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Harry Styles

  • Harry Styles was born

    Harry Styles was born
    On February 1st, 1994 Harry Styles was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England.
  • Harry Styles First Auditioned for the X-Factor.

    Harry Styles First Auditioned for the X-Factor.
    His AuditionDuring the 7th season of The X-Factor UK, Harry Styles auditioned. During this audition, he was able to show his talents to Simon Cowell, who later put him into the group One Direction. In his audition, we find out that he used to work in a bakery (X-Factor UK YouTube). While watching his audition, it is very apparent that he was confident in his singing from the start. Although he looks nervous and his stage presence isn't the best, he still sings a song without any instrumentals.
  • Andy Warhol Interview

    Andy Warhol Interview
    Link to the original Interview
    While One Direction was first getting started, they had an interview for Interview Magazine with Andy Warhol. In the interview, Harry shows a bit of a quirkier side of him. Describing how he would like to be Harry Potter, and would have a book dedicated to All His Stuff and Things (Andy Warhol interview)
  • The Bert Show

    The Bert Show
    The Bert Show
    As Harry began to get more and more famous, the began to do more and more interviews. In this specific interview, he is asked some personal questions such as his drinking habits and how he feels about all the rumors about him (Bert Weiss). This interview is way less structured than most. He shows that hasn't let fame get to his head and likes to sit back and laugh with his friends.
  • One Direction Went to Ghana, Africa

    One Direction Went to Ghana, Africa
    In 2013, One Direction participated in Red Nose Day. They went to Africa and had to opportunity to learn more about the poverty that people are living in all across the world. They used their experiences to then make a music video to grow awareness and raise money to help the people they saw and met in Ghana.
  • Harry Styles gets interviewed for 60 Minutes Australia

    Harry Styles gets interviewed for 60 Minutes Australia
    The Interview
    Moving forward in the many interviews of Harry Styles, we have an interview from 2013 while the group was in Australia. In this interview, Harry is proven to be a very grounded and humble guy considering the millions of followers he has on twitter (Allison Langdon). This interview also shows how respectful Harry is towards everyone around him. With every complimant given he stays very humble and thankful for everything.
  • 1D Day

    1D Day
    Back in 2013, One Direction decided to dedicate a day to live stream themselves on the internet fo 7 hours straight. The stream has gotten millions of views on YouTube and this picture catches just a glimpse of how Harry Styles is and how he was during 1D Day. In this picture, we see Harry as a guy who is funny and not afraid to let loose and have a good time. In the picture, he seems to be 'modeling' and two women are commenting on it all. Showing Harry isn't afraid of getting critisism.
  • Harry Styles Today

    Harry Styles Today
    Midnight Memories
    For the sake of being able to compare and contrast his very first audition, to how he is today on stage-here is a video of a performance from a concert back in February. Here, we see the difference in Harry's confidence while on stage and a much bigger stage presence. It really shows how far he has come and how much further he could go.