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Harry Power

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    Harry Power

    commenly refered to as"The guy with pants on."
  • Birth

    Henry Power was born Waterford, Ireland in 1819.
  • Stealing a pair of shoes.

    Stealing a pair of shoes.
    He was sentenced for seven years transportaion for stealinga pair of shoes.
  • steals a fine-looking horse.

    steals a fine-looking horse.
    He was asked for a recipt For his fine looking horse after exchanging a couple shots harry power got away.
  • Arrested for stealing the horse

    Arrested for stealing the horse
    He was arrested at Yarrawonga and on 26th September sentenced to thirteen years jail.
  • recived a ticket-of-leave

    recived a ticket-of-leave
    Harry Power recived a ticket-of-leave on the 25th of March
  • death

    horificaly harry power fell in the murry river and drowned.