Happening & Performance

Timeline created by dsanch78
  • The Goal

    The Goal
    The main goal of this PBL unit is to know what is a happening, what is a performance and make an artistic action with clear protesting intentions.
  • Learning and Planning

    Learning and Planning
    Considering that it must be used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), make a brainstorming to create protest ideas against the system to demostrate that a safety culture can still enjoyed it.
  • Period: to

    The Steps

    Learn and Plan:
    - Learn about happenings and performances.
    - Identify the differences.
    - What it serves for?
    - Make work teams.
    - Plan the artistic action.
    - Seek suport.
  • Start Practice

    Start Practice
    Working teams prepare for practice.
  • Period: to


    Practice, module, reconfigure and arrange the artistic actions.
    It is time to do the last effort.
  • Public Show

    Public Show
    Public show with all safety and hygiene measures.
  • Feedback

    - What has been done correctly?
    - What needs to be improved or fixed?