Gustavo Cerati

  • birth

    He was borned in Barracks, city of Buenos Aires, on August 11
  • Started work

    Started work
    He worked in the Laboratorio boehiringer Argentina
  • First group

     First group
    He formed the group strees with Sandra Baylac, Pablo Guadalupe, Alejandro o´donell, Carlos Amato and Hector Bozio.
  • Play

    He played with Zeta Bosio and Sandra Baylac
  • Second Group

    Second Group
    He come back to Buenos Aires and formed Soda Stereo
  • First disc

    First disc
    He record his first disc
  • Separated

    The band Soda Stereo were separated
  • Solist

    He started a solist carrer
  • Bad news

    Bad news
    He has a cardiobascular accident
  • Died

    He died