Gun Games

  • Pages 1-43

    At the begining of this bookyou are introduced to the main charecter, Gabe Whitman. Gabe lives with foster parents, Decker and Rina, because his dad is a drug dealing convict and his mom left him to live in India. Decker is the head of police and is interested with a teen suicide going on at the time.
  • Pages 43-90

    Gabe got contacted by his mother and doesnt know whether to feel happy or upset. Gabe is brilliant pianist that loves to play the piano. Decker finds out that the suicide case he was working on has to do with some sort of highschool gang. Gabe meets a girl named Jessica but is too afraid to ask her out.
  • Pages 90-137

    Gabe gets beat up by a group of kids at his highschool for being good at piano so he seeks revenge and goes to talk to his dad in prison for advice. His dad tells him to not worry about it which isnt what Gabe wanted to hear. Decker and Rina begin to question Gabe often because they feel as if they don't know him but this only pushes Gabe away.
  • Pages 137-183

    Gabe finally gets the courage to ask out Jessica. On their first date he takes her out for pizza and a movie and they end up back at her house where Gabe plays the piano for her and she kisses him. Decker is continuing to question Gabe about his life and why he went to see his father but Gabe ignores him. Rina contacts Gabe's real mom to see if she can help get through to him.
  • Pages 183-221

    Gabe makes two new friends at school, Harold and William. They are in his math class and they met because the teacher partnered them up for a project. Gabe, Harold, William and Jessica all start hanging out together. Gabe doesnt gohome for a few days and when he does Decker and Rina are very concerned about his well being.
  • Pages 221-267

    Another teen suicide occurs but this one was thought to be very unusual because the girl seemed to have bruises on her skin that looked like they were inflicted from a fight. Decker looks into with great concern and doesnt think it was suicide, he thinks it was a murder. Gabe hasn't talked to Jessica or his friends in a couple of weeks. Gabe keeps to himself and plays the piano for most of his days.
  • Pages 267-304

    Jessica shows up at Gabes house and confronts him about himbeing distant. Gabe tells her he feels troubled about something but doesnt tell her what. Decker gets a lead in his suicide case, finger prints of a highschool dropout, Jimmy Turner, were found on the victims body. Decker brings him for questioning but has no real proof so is forced to let him go.
  • Pages 304-356

    Gabes friend William is murdered in a back ally walking home from a friends house late at night. Gabe thinks he knows who did it, he thinks it was a kid named Timmothy Gardner that goes to his school and has always been a little crazy. Gabe questions Timmothy but Tim doesn't say anything. People think Gabe has gone mad and Jessica wont talk to him.
  • Pages 356-412

    Turns out Gabe was right all along about Timmothy Gardner being the one who killed William. Decker seems to think that Gardener was connected to the suicides because he was caught hanging out with Jimmy Turner, the dropout whose finger prints were on the body. Decker works endlessly trying to solve this case but cant seem to crack it.
  • Pages 412-467

    Gabe preforms a piano recital in front of thousands of people and gets a standing ovation. He buys Jessica flowers and tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too. Decker finds proof that Jimmy Turner killed that girl and she didnt commit suicide. Gabe talks to his mom about his life and seems to be ok with her.