Gulfwar map1

Gulf War

  • Saddam Hussein Elected President

    Saddam Hussein Elected President
    Saddam Hussein elected president of Iraq
  • Iraq-Iran War Begins

    Iraq-Iran War Begins
    Iran attacks Iraq and starts a war and Iraq is backed by Kuwait.
  • Iran starts targeting Kuwait

    Iran starts targeting Kuwait
    Iran starts to attack Kuwait shipping and oil fields.
  • Iraq-Iran War Ends

    Iraq-Iran War Ends
    Iraq and Iran come to a cease fire, but Iraq cannot pay Kuwait back.
  • Iraq Invasion of Kuwait

    Iraq Invasion of Kuwait
    Saddam Hussein orders the Iraqi military forces to invade Kuwait.
  • Iraq Accuses Kuwait

    Iraq Accuses Kuwait
    Iraq accuses Kuwait of stealing Iraq petroleum. Iraq also cannot pay back debt for the Iraq-Iran war.
  • Operation Desert Shield

    Operation Desert Shield
    George H. W. Bush sends US troops to defend Saudi Arabi from Iraq.
  • Resolution 678

    Resolution 678
    Gave Iraq a deadline until January 15, 1991 to withdraw all troops from Kuwait.
  • Gulf War Begins

    Gulf War Begins
    After the deadline (and no removal of troops) the coalition launched a massive air campaign against Iraq.
  • Battle of Khafji

    Battle of Khafji
    Iraqi troops try to hold a town in Saudi Arabi, but are driven back by US Marine Corps and Saudi National Guard. US had a huge air advantage due to technologic advantage over Iraq.
  • Coalition Forces enter Iraq

    Coalition Forces enter Iraq
    Coalition forces attack Iraq in multiple spots at the same time, catching Iraqi forces by surprise.
  • Gulf War Ends

    Gulf War Ends
    Only a hundred hours after coalition ground campaign begins, a ceasefire is called.
  • Uprisings in Iraq

    Uprisings in Iraq
    All over Iraq revolutions begin to take Saddam Hussein out of power.