Guitar Class

Timeline created by Lpfile
  • Joseph Kekeku

    Joseph Kekeku runs a railroad spike on his guitar.
  • Segovia

    Segovia's first performance.
  • Carl T. Sprague

    He sang a cowboy song and created it. It was the first country album.
  • Lonnie Johnson/ Eddie Lang

    They were the first people to create a duet, it was an early crossover. Eddie- Jazz Lonnie- Blues
  • Ro-Pat-In

    The first "frying pan" which is the first electric guitar.
  • Martin

    The first flattop is created.
  • Gibson

    Gibson puts his guitar and amplifier out to be sold and used.
  • Gibson

    Gibson creates the cutaway.
  • Django Rienhardt

    gypsy jazz is born.
  • T-Bone Walker

    When music starts to get a little louder, and the music is becoming a little more aggressive.
  • Les Paul's "Lover" is Realeased.

    Les Paul's new song is released. Lots of people become electric, and so it becomes very popular.
  • Leo Fender

    Leo Fenders broadcaster debuts and is a hit because the pro's love it!
  • Les Paul Guitar

    Gibson releases a new guitar to compete with Fender. This is so he doesn't lose any business.,
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis records with guitarist Scotty Moore.
  • Seth Lover

    Seth Lover patents "Humbucker Pickups".
  • Buddy Holly

    Brings a different look to guitar fans, he uses a bigger and different guitar.
  • Bo Diddley

    He creates a song named after him, and it isn't he nicest song. But everyone younger kid loved it.
  • Ricky Nelson

    Plays rock guitar often on popular family TV shows.
  • Duane Eddy

    Duane Eddy released "Rebel Rouser".
  • Link Wray

    Link Wray unleashes "Rumble".
  • Vox

    Vox introduces AC15 song.
  • Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry releases "Johnny B. Goode."
  • Wes Montgomery

    He finally releases his jazz song.
  • Robert Johnson

    Rediscovered music by Robert Johnson, the song was "King of the Delta Blues."
  • Dick Dale

    Invents surf rock, he makes really fast paced songs.
  • The Yardbirds

    The bands launch.
  • Maestro FZ-1

    This is the date of when Maestro FZ-1 debuts.
  • Beatles

    The Beatlemania was launched.
  • Period: to

    Pete Townsend

    Pete smashes his guitar.
  • Bob Dylan

    Political protest, and he spread his opinion through his music.
  • James Brown

    James Brown creates a "funk" guitar.
  • BB King

    Releases "Live and the Regal" .
  • Rolling Stones

    Releases "Cant get no satisfaction".
  • The Byrds

    They release "Eight Miles High".
  • Eric Clapton

    "Clapton is God".
  • Jimi Hendrix

    He plays at the Monterey Pop Festival.
  • Mason Williams

    He creates "Classical Gas ".
  • Led Zeppelin

    This is the year they debut.
  • Black Sabbath

    Giving birth to heavy metal.
  • Allman Brothers

    They debuted on this date.
  • Deep Purple

    "Smoke on the Water", was released.
  • Robert Fripp

    Pioneers the loop affect so this changed guitar forever.
  • KISS

    KISS released "Alive!".
  • The Romones

    The Romones Invade England.
  • Van Halen

    First Van Halen album was released.
  • Paul Reed Smith

    He builds the Golden Eagle guitar.
  • Randy Rhoads

    Randy Rhoads sadly passed in a plane crash.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn

    His blues style takes people by storm, they are surprised on the sound.
  • Yngwie Malmsteen

    Takes neo classic rock to a extreme.
  • Satrinia

    Releases Surfing with the alien.
  • Internet

    The Internet is born.
  • Nirvana

    Nirvana kills hair rock.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn Passes

  • Jennifer Batten/ Michael Jackson

    They rock at the super bowl.
  • White Stripes

    They create a song called white blood cells.
  • Guitar Hero

    Makes a come up on rock.