GOP reacts to Syria Crisis

Timeline created by syllaraps
  • Chemical Weapons Attack

    GOP blames Obama's "foreign policy failures" and "red line" to explain why chemical attack happened.
  • Obama prepares to strike Syria

    GOP claims it is illegal! Must consult with Congress! Threatens to impeach!
  • Obama announces he will seek congressional approval

    GOP claims he is trying to blame poor decision making on congress by forcing them to do what they had previously requested/demanded.
  • Congress receives intel and begins debates

    GOP declares "NO War!" no bloodshed. Nobel Peace Prize Winner? War is a terrible idea! He's going to get us into WW3!!!
    He's passing the blame and won't take responsibility!
  • Chemical Weapons disarment deal offered

    GOP states that Russia's offer to Syria, which takes away their CW, is a defeat for Obama. Even though Obama's primary objective was to degrade and deter the capabilities in the first place. And they disregard the fact that Obama and Putin discussed this option privately at the G20 summit the week prior.
  • Obama taking credit?!

    First GOP demanded congressional debate, threatening to impeach otherwise. When they got the congressional debate, they claimed Obama wasn't taking responsibility and was trying to pass the blaim by having a congressional debate. When a diplomatic solution was agreed upon, they accuse him of trying to take the credit. All of this in a timespan of 21 days.