GOM Efforts

  • GOM Livemeeting recordings

    GOM Livemeeting recordings
    Livemeeting recordings provided by Ernesto from Jason Zollinger & Scarlet Hahn. They touched base on the following topics: 1) Testing Resource Allocation & Capacity Planning
    2) GCT Operating Model Test Solution Training
    3) Test Script Creation & Traceability *These livemeeting recordings were more suitable for the roles of BAs and WPs.
    *Most testing related content was oriented towards IT Testing rather than Content Testing.
  • Period: to

    Team to watch all livemeeting recordings

    Aproximately 2 weeks for the team to get up to speed with the material provided.
  • Obtained Training Decks

    Obtained Training Decks
    Seven training decks that included material about GOM oriented QC usage. Provided by Jason Zollinger & Lisa S. Etherington. 1)QC_Training_Manual_Part_1_Introduction
    -9.9 Blueprint to HP Quality Center
    -9.9.11 Blueprint Test Manager Deck
  • GOM Repository creation

    GOM Repository creation
    GOM Repository created on the D3 SP site to gather all GOM material avaialble on SP.
  • Period: to

    Building up GOM repository

    Team researched all training decks in the lookout for links to other GOM material available, in order to include it in the repository.
  • GOM Repository completed

    GOM Repository completed
    All the material available had been gathered in one folder within the D3 SP site. *This allowed the QA Leads to review the docs and filter in order to keep only the material that was relevant to the team.
  • Period: to

    GOM Training material creation

    QA leads produced training material regarding Test Script Creation, Parameterization and Modularization that were tailored to fit our testing needs while meeting GOM Standards based on: *Material collected in the GOM Repository
    *Previous expertise
    *Knowledge acquired during the process
    *Research (external material)
  • Period: to

    Implementing GOM in Content Testing

    Several efforts are required in order to implement GOM in D3 Content Testing: *Folder Creation:
    -Understand how to adapt the new GOM folder structure to our current folder structure in Quality Center.
    -Request RPC Content Testing to be added to the permitted application folders in Quality Center.
  • GOM Training Sessions start

    GOM Training Sessions start
    GOM material created by QA Leads will be shared with the rest of the team for training. Trainings take place in order to prepare testers for July projects which should be GOM compliant.
  • GOM Training evaluations

    All team members will undergo evaluations in order to determine training effectiveness.