• Period: Mar 20, 1492 to


    1.0-discovering a new world.
    2.0-better machines
    4.0-digital age(present)
  • finding wal-mart

    wal-mart was finally opened
  • commercializing the internet

    the internet was finally shown to the public eye
  • Y2K

    y2k scared a lot of people because it affected their thinking habits about the year of 2000
  • 9/11

    two planes flew into the twin towers and the pentagon
  • first ipod unveiled

    steve jobs finally shared the ipod to the world.
    Units sold: 278,545,000
    Net sales: $47,833,000,000
  • thye rise of cell phones

    the import of cell phones went up from $220 million to $137.3 million
  • ipads in education

    the ipad gives the children the chance to carry less books and papers. it also gives the kids a chance to look up words without issues