Glee cast members

By Mckynna
  • Jane Lynch

    Jane Lynch
    <a href='http://' ></a>Glee name: Sue Sylvester
    Born: July 14, 1960 in Dolton, Illinois
    -has won an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for Glee
    -she was in Two and a Half Men
    -she was in the comedies Talladega Nights, The 40-Year-Old VIrgin, Role Models, and The Three Stooges.
  • Mike O'Malley

    Mike O'Malley'MalleyGlee name: Burt Hummel
    Born: October 31, 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts
    -he has three children: Fiona, Seamus, and Declan.
    -he hosted Nickelodeon GUTS and Get the Picture.
    -he starred in the CBS comedy Yes, Dear.
    -he had a self-named sitcom on NBC called the Mike O'Malley Show.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig

    Jessalyn Gilsig
    Glee name: Terri Schuester
    Born: November 30, 1971 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    -she was in NYPD Blue, Prison Break, and Hereos.
    -she was a voice actress.
    -she's done voices in the films Mascarade and The Journey Home.
    -she's done the voices in the TV shows The Little Flying Bears, Young Robin Hood, and Gulliver's Travels.
  • Mattew Morrison

    Mattew Morrison name: Will Schuester
    Born: October 30, 1978 in Fort Ord, California
    -he played Link Larkin in the Broadway production, Hairspray
    -he guest-starred on Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, CSI: Miami and Hack.
  • Jayma Mays

    Jayma Mays name: Emma Pillsbury
    Born: July 16, 1979 in Bristol, Tennessee
    -she is married to actor Adam Campbell on October 28, 2007
    -she was on Joey and Red Eye
    -she was also on Six Feet Under, The Comeback, How I Met Your Mother, and many more.
  • Cory Monteith

    Cory Monteith name: Finn Hudson
    Born: May 11, 1982 in Calgary, Alberta
    -he plays drums for the Indie rock band Bonnie Dune based in Los Angeles.
    -he was in the movie Monte Carlo.
    Awards: Male Future Style Icon Award, Choice TV: Actor Comedy, and some more.
  • Mark Salling

    Mark Salling
    Glee name: Noah "Puck" Puckerman
    Born: August 17, 1982 in Dallas, Texas
    -he owns a dog named Noah, which he named after his Glee name.
    -he plays the piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums
  • Amber Riley

    Amber Riley
    Glee name: Mercedes Jones
    Born: February 15, 1986 in Los Angeles, California
    -she auditioned for American Idol, but was turned down.
  • Jenna Ushkowitz

    Jenna Ushkowitz
    Glee name: Tina Cohen- Chang
    Born: April 28, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea
    -she appeared on Sesame Street and other children's television shows.
    -Jenna sang the National Anthem at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden when she was thirteen.
    -she briefly appeared in Lady Gaga's music video for Marry the Night.
  • Dianna Agron

    Dianna Agron
    Glee name: Quinn Fabray
    Born: April 30, 1986 in Savannah, Georgia
    -She has been dancing since the age of three, and began teaching dance as a teenager.
    Awards: Screen Actors Guild Awards, Breakthrough Of The Year, and Victoria's Secret: What Is Sexy List for sexiest smile.
  • Lea Michele

    Lea Michele
    Glee name: Rachel Berry
    born: August 29, 1986
    -she is a vegetarian
    Awards: Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album, Billboard's Women in Music Triple Threat Award, Glamour Woman of the Year Award, People's Choice Award, and many more.
  • Naya Rivera

    Naya Rivera
    Glee name: Santana Lopez
    Born: January 12, 1987 in Valencia, California
    -she appeared in commercials for Kmart.
    -she had small roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Live Shot, Baywatch, Smart Guy, The Jersey, House Blend, Even Stevens and the Master of Disguise.
    -she worked as a nanny, and a greeter at an Abercrombie & Fitch store.
  • Heather Morris

    Heather Morris
    Glee name: Brittany Pierce
    Born: February 1, 1987 in Thousand Oaks, California
    -Heather's father passed away of cancer when she was 14 years old.
    -she was in So You Think You Can Dance on Season 2.
    -she was one of Beyonce's backup dancers on The Beyonce Experience world tour.
  • Kevin McHale

    Kevin McHale
    Glee name: Artie Abrams
    Born: June 14, 1988 in Plano, Texas
    -grew up with Demi Lavato.
    -joined a boy band, NLT, which is short for "Not Like Them"
  • Chris Colfer

    Chris Colfer
    Glee name: Kurt Hummel
    Born: May 27, 1990 in Clovis, California
    -he was home schooled for half of 7th grade and 8th grade because he was bullied so much in school.
    -his family is all Irish