Getting over a disaster

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    Sandy: Before During and After

  • Tropical wave sandy

    Tropical wave sandy
    Sandy grew from a tropical wave in the western carribean sea and on Oct 22 it made its way to Greater Antilles and grew even stronger.
  • Caribbean deaths and destruction

    Caribbean deaths and destruction
    On october 24 2012 Tropical wave sandy became a hurricane and it was on its way to Kingston Jamaica. When Hurricane Sandy hit Jamaica at least 71 deaths was blamed on it. An elderly man was in his home when he was killed becacause a boulder rolled on his home. As the eye of the storm traveled over the eastern part of jamaica officals say floods and winds destroyed farms and 71 homes where lost 383 more where severly damaged. Jamaica's government puts a price of damage at 16.5 million.
  • Cuba meets hurricane sandy

    Cuba meets hurricane sandy
    On october 25 sandy became a category 3 hurricane and made its way to cuba. Cuba's officials say the hurricane killed 11 people including an infant. And it damaged more than 200,000 homes and totally destroyed about 15,000 homes in eastern Cuba.
  • Destruction in the Bahamas

    Destruction in the Bahamas
    Early in the moring of October 26 Sandy made its way to the Bahamas. Officials say the hurricane is responsible for the death of two people incuding the CEO of a bank who was fixing hiw window when he fell during Sandys appoach. The total cost of the damage was estimated as high as 300 million.
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