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Gerarde Way

  • Happy Day Gerade Way was born

    Happy Day Gerade Way was born
    Born in summet, New Jearsy he was born into a small family of Donna Lee and Donald Way with no siblings yet, he was an only child. ( for now)
  • Happy Birthday Mikey Way

    Happy Birthday Mikey Way
    the day mikey way was born into the small family of three making it four and giving his new brother a new best friend.
  • In Bellivile, New Jearsy

    In Bellivile, New Jearsy
    In his fourth grade year his first performance infront of huge croud was his role as peter pan in the school play. He had never really thought of being anywhere near singing and or acting untill his grandmother encouraged him not to be affraid.
  • His First Comic

    His First Comic
    Gerardes first attempt at wrioting za comic book series was short lived but lived none the less. His first comic on the wings of a raven lasted only 2 issues.
  • The first song

    The first song
    Geradre way was taking a trip while working for cartoon network and was on his way to new york when he missed his flight by 10 minutes. He was on the next flight that missed the twin towers.
  • Congrats Gerarde

    Congrats Gerarde
    Graduate from Bellevile High School
  • Graduating Fine Arts

    Grauates School of Visual Arts in New York City, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts i
  • He missed his flight

    He missed his flight
    Gerarde missed his flight while working for cartoon network. He was on the flight scheduale for the 911 terrorist attach on the twin towers
  • The Band Begins

    The Band Begins
    As teenagers Gerard and his brother Mikey Way, who later became the bassist of My Chemical Romance, were influenced by the bands Iron Maiden and The Misfits as well as British artists such as Pulp, Blur and Morrissey and The Smiths. Way originally wanted to be a guitarist. His grandmother bought him his first guitar at the age of eight and he played in short-lived bands such as Ray Gun Jones and Nancy Drew with future bandmate Ray Toro, but when he was not successful. But became the singer.
  • his succesefull comics

    his succesefull comics
    In 2007, Way began writing the comic-book miniseries The Umbrella Academy. Way wrote the story and illustrated the original version, but cartoonist Gabriel Ba recreated all of Way's original drawings in the final version. A few of Way's first drawings of the characters can be seen in the last few pages of the first book in the series, "The Apocalypse Suite".
    "Quoted from Wikipedia"
  • Baby Bandet Lee Way is born

    Baby Bandet Lee Way is born
    Their daughter, Bandit Lee Way, was born in California