Geranimo His Own Story by S.M Barret

  • Chapter 21, Pages 210

    Non-Fiction: History--0-10 pages; total(10)
    At the begining it talks about on what the author went through to reach Geromino himslef. Also described the area that the author was talking to Geromino to write the book. The interperter was Geronimo's second cousin. The year that Geronimo was interviewed for this book was 1906.
  • pg 10-45; total (45)

    Now the book is talking about the tribe that Geronimo was part of its own history. Going through on the whiteman invading and bringing aids to the land, and how the culture of the chiccuahs (some word like that) was invented which Geronimo was part of. Currently on the start of reading the begining of Geronimo when he was a boy, himself telling his old stories.
  • pg 45-80; total(80)

    Geronimo is talking about where he was born in Arizonia in June of 1829. He said that he was the fourth one of eight children, four boys and the other four were girls. He told the author that he would have to run a full 5 mile run with a moutful of water none stop, if he swallowed then he would have not suited to pass to be an apache warrior at a young age. He just starts talking about what he did as a kid and other several types of tests he would have to do to become a real man apache.
  • pg 80-100; total(100)

    Now as a full grown adult, Geronimo got married and ended up becoming the second man behind the main cheif of his tribe. These twenty pages it starts going through on how Geronimo hunted and that he and his friends would always have good old times smoking and dancing for the rise of the sun the next day.
  • pg 100-141; total(141)

    Geronimo ended up having a kid and becoming cheif. The book was saying about how much he loved his wife and kid and how much they ment to him. A tragic and gruesome scene happened when Geronimo came back from hunting with his men. Mexicans ended up killing and wiping out all who was present at camp. His mom, wife, and kid were all murdered. Now he begins to discuss on how much he hates the mexicans and why.
  • pg 141-190; total(189)

    Geronimo gives the author incredible stories on his raids he commited mainly on the Mexicans, but as well as the whites. He talks about the amount of gruesome murders he did to get revenge on the Mexicans. Also the amount of times he escaped from prison and went to hide in the mountains away from all of his enemies. He also made peace and fought next to other rival tribes that he thought he would never got along with, just to try and take out the whites from destroying Native Americans overall.
  • pg 189-200; total(200)

    Really this part is just the conclusion of Geronimo telling his past stories. The author and Geronimo with his cousin tell each other goodbye and thank you. Geronimo ended up wanting this book to be dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt.
  • pg 200-210; totalt(210)

    Now the book is no longer under the breathe of Geranimo himslef. The author wounded up fallowing the death of Geronimo. The end of the book just tells how Geronimo helped save his native culture and how he died. Geronimo ended up drunk drowning himslef in mud face first in a road. Everyone who walked by his body did not help him back to his feet because they had no clue who it was. He ended up dying at the age of 79.