George Washington

Timeline created by John Wicks
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  • Birth

    George Washington is born in Westmoreland county, Virginia by Augustine Washington and Mary Ball.
  • Period: to

    George Wasingtons life and Acheivements

  • His dad Dies

    George Washington is only 11 years old. Although George Washington is the older child of his household, His dad leaves most of his property to his sons from his first marriage. Following the death of his father, George Washington’s formal education ended. Washington inherited 10 slaves from his father’s estate.
  • His brother Lawerance dies

    George Washingtons brother dies from Turberculosis. He was close with his brother ssince they were kids.
  • The beggining of the civil war.

    George washington beleives he can win the war with confidence. He proves himself in this war early on and is made commander of the army.
  • Becoming General

    George Washington is appointed as commander and chief of the continental army. He helped win the revolution.
  • His Msrriage to Marth

    He marries Marth at the white house plantstion. they're married until he dies.
  • Brittan declares us as our own nation

    After washington defeats multiple Brittish forces they soon sign a peace treaty giving up. He is seen as an American Hero of this war.
  • First Term as President

    George Washington was elected president on 1789. He won almost all the population in america.
  • His mom dies

    George Washington relied on his mom after his dad died in his early years. his mom was important to him.
  • Second Term as President

    George Washington was elected President for his second term. He won The majority of the U.S. and Popular vote.
  • Death

    Washington died at his house in Mount. Vernon. He died of Epiglottitis.