George Washington Carver

  • Birth

    George Washington carver was born in Missouri
  • Childhood

    His early family life started off with his mom being bought by Moses Carver, a white farm owner. later when George Washington Carver was young, him and his sister were kidnapped by slave raiders then resold in Kentucky.
    Mr. Carver’s neighbor later able to retrieve George Washington Carver but sadly not his sister. His sister’s location was unknown. Back on the farm Mr. George was raised by him mom and learned how to read and write.
  • Became famous for

    Making 300 products from peanuts like milk, dyes, and plastics. Also 118 products from sweet potatoes like vinegar and molasses.
  • Education

    George had a education at a high school in Kansas while still working on a farm. He got his bachelor’s degree in agricultural science in 1894. He later went to Iowa State Agricultural College which he got his Master of Science. Then later went on to further his education at Iowa State University.
  • Studys

    He started studying with soil management and crop production.
  • Discoveries

    He discovered that planting soybeans, peanuts, and sweet potatoes. They restored the nitrogen in the soil when cotton would take it away.
  • Rewards/ Accomplishments

    He received the Spingarn Medal. He was also elected into the Britain's Society for the Encouragement of Arts.
  • Death

    Sadly, George Washington carver died at the age of 78 by falling down a stair case. He was buried next to Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee University Campus Cemetery in Tuskegee, Alabama.