Generation Y Timeline

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    Generation Y

  • Ozzy Ozbourne

    Ozzy Ozbourne
    Ozzy Ozbourne bites the head off of a live bat that was trown his way at one of his concerts.
  • Larry Walters flies

    Larry Walters flies
    Walters tied 42 weather balloons to a lawn chair and floated over 16,000 feet in the air before shooting the balloons with a pellet gun where he landed 90 minutes later. The FAA later fined him $1,500.
  • First Women in Space

    First Women in Space
    Sally Ride became the first women to be launched into space.
  • Michael Jackson set on fire

    Michael Jackson set on fire
    During the shooting of a pepsi commercial, michael jackson's hair allegedly started on fire.
  • Bruce Willis & Demi Moore

    Bruce Willis & Demi Moore
    These two met at the premiere for the film Steakout where they were later married and had three daughters. This cuple later divorced in 2000.
  • Berlin Wall taken down

    Berlin Wall taken down
    After the wall was constructed in 1961, Ronald Reagan had the wall taken down to make peace with Germany.
  • Bill Clinton wins election

    Bill Clinton wins election
    Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States shorty after the Cold War ended.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    168 people, including 8 federal marshals, were killed in the bombing of one of oklahomas federal buildings.
  • Lion King debut

    Lion King debut
    On this day, the classic movie "Lion King" first appeared in theatres.
  • Columbine High School Shooting

    Columbine High School Shooting
    The tragic event of the Columbine shooting happened on this date.
  • Air Plane Crash

    Air Plane Crash
    Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde aircraft, crashes into a hotel just after taking off from Paris killing all 109 people abord the air craft and 4 in the hotel.
  • El Salvador

    El Salvador
    An earthquake strikes in el Salvador reading at 7.6 killing 944 people.
  • George W. Bush's Inaguration

    George W. Bush's Inaguration
    Following George Bush's inaguration ceremony, it was reported that several eggs and tennis balls were thrown at the presidents limousine during the parade.
  • 9/11 Terrioist Attack

    9/11 Terrioist Attack
    After reports of terrorists hijacking 4 planes, two crashed into the Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon and the other was taken over by the civilians abord the plane and crashed into a field.
  • IPod

    The first iPod was released onto shelves. At the time, the iPod collection consisted of the Classic, Nano, and Shuffle.
  • Hanging of Saddam Hussein

    Hanging of Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein was hanged at Camp justice, a Iraqui army base, despite his wish to be shot because he thought it would be more dignified. The head guard at his tomb later revealed that Hussein's body had been stabbed six times after his execution.