GC2 Renaissance Music and Instruments!!!

  • Nov 17, 1570

    The Cornetto

    The Cornetto
    A cornett can also be known as a zink or a cornetto.
    The basic types of a cornett are mute, curved, and straight.
  • The Lute

    The Lute
    A popular renaissance solo instrument.
    Sixtus Rauchwolff was a maker of lutes for the Fugger family.
    In the seventeenth century several parts of the instrument were modified to give it a Baroque configuration, such as the pegbox, neck and bridge.
    Another type of lute is also a mandora.
    Eventually many lutes were truned into guitars. However was originally made for 7 or 8 pairs of strings.
  • Claviorganum

    Is a harpsichord type instrument or a key instrument
    It was constructed by Laurentium Hauslaib.
  • Josquin des Prez

    Josquin des Prez
  • Thomas Tallis

     Thomas Tallis
    An English composer of the Renaissance.
    Was known for his church music one of the greatest early composers.