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  • James Abram Garfield is born

    James Abram Garfield is born
    James Abram Garfield was born on Nov. 11th, 1856 in Orange, Ohio. His parents are Abram Garfield and Eliza Ballou Garfield
  • Father died

    Father died
    Abram Garfield, his father and who he was named after, died just 2 years after his son was born. James A Garfield never knew him but he still held a special place in his heart.
  • Salior

    When he was 8 years old he wanted to be a sailor when he grew up
  • Disciples of Christ

    Disciples of Christ
    He joined the Disciples of Christ. He was a Disciple of Christ for the rest of his life
  • Learning and teaching

    Learning and teaching
    Attended Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (later Hiram College), Hiram, Ohio. Taught in district schools between terms.
    Attended Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
    He was the President, Eclectic Institute of Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio, and taught Latin, Greek, mathematics, history, philosophy, English literature, and rhetoric.
  • Marrige

    James A Garfield got married to Lucretia Rudolph on Nov. 11, 1858, in Hiram, Ohio.
  • Senate

    He became a member of the Ohio state senate
  • First daughter born

    First daughter born
    Daughter Eliza Arabella Garfield was born. She died on December 1 1863.
  • Lieutenant colonel

    Lieutenant colonel
    He was commissioned a lieutenant colonel of the 42nd regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
  • Big victory

    Big victory
    Garfield was considered a hero in the Civil War first by making the Confederates withdraw from the field, and his leadership skills was further distinguished when he decided not to pursue them so that his men would not be too tired, and for food and other supplies be given to them.
  • Promoted in Army

    Promoted in Army
    He was promoted from chief of staff to Major general of volunteers
  • War

    Participated in the Battle of Chickamauga. U.S. and Confederate forces in the American Civil War, marked the end of a Union offensive, the Chickamauga Campaign, in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia.
  • First son born

    First son born
    Son Harry Augustus Garfield born. He lived until 1942
  • Resigned from Army

    Resigned from Army
    He resigned from the Army to join the House of Representatives. He had to resign from this job because they elected him president.
  • Calmed a mob

    Calmed a mob
    Fifty thousand angry citizens assembled at the Custom House in New York City ready to avenge Lincoln. Garfield while visiting as a member of Congress addressed the mob and calmed them with his moving words, and stopped the riot
  • 2nd son born

    2nd son born
    Son James Rudolph Garfield born. He died on march 24, 1950.
  • 2nd daughter born

    2nd daughter born
    Daughter Mary Garfield Stanley-Brown born. She died November Nov 30, 1947
  • 3rd son born

    3rd son born
    Son Irvin McDowell Garfield born. He died on July 19, 1951
  • Scandal

    New York Sun reporting on the Credit Mobilier scandal implicated Garfield and other political figures of having profited in the scheme by receiving shares of railroad stock in exchange for legislative support; Garfield denied the allegation.
  • 4th son born

    4th son born
    Son Abram Garfield born. He lived until Oct. 16, 1958
  • 5th son born

    5th son born
    Son Edward ("Neddie") Garfield born. He died on Oct. 25, 1876.
  • Literary Society of Washington

    Literary Society of Washington
    He joined the Literary society of Washington and was in it until he died in 1881
  • Nominated for president

    Nominated for president
    He was nominated for president at a Republican convention at Chicago. It was on the thirty-sixth ballot as Republican Party’s presidential candidate, with Chester A. Arthur as the vice presidential candidate.
  • Elected president

    Elected president
    He was elected for presidency when he was in the House of Representatives
  • American Red Cross

    American Red Cross
    the American Red Cross was organized by Clarissa Harlowe Barton when she was 59. It was inspired by the International Red Cross.
  • Metal detector invented

    Metal detector invented
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the first metal detector. As President James Garfield lay dying of an assassin's bullet, Bell hurriedly invented a crude metal detector in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the fatal slug.
  • Rights

    He wanted to increase black's rights. When he was campaigning this was one thing he said he would do when he became president.
  • Shot

    He was shot by Charles J. Guiteau while passing through a railroad depot, in Washington D.C.
  • Death

    He died when he was 49 and 304 years old in Elberon, New Jersey. He died of blood poisoning 80 days after he gets shot.
  • Buried

    He was buried in the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  • Assanion hanged

    Assanion hanged
    Charles Julius Guiteau was hung on June 30, 1882, just 2 days before the 1st anniversary of the shooting of the President.