Galileo(6th grade)

  • Launching

    Galileo was launched by Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Period: to


    Galileo was launched towards Jupiter. NASA thought they had seen a frozen lake on one of it's moons.
  • Venus

    Galileo passed by Venus, taking amazing pictures of the earth anf moon togather as one from another planet might view us.
  • Back On Earth

    Galileo orbited around earth for a short while 980 km away!
  • Shoes?

    In 1994, Galileo was positioned to watch the parts of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crash into Jupiter.
  • Probing

    Galileo released a probe into Jupiter's stoming atmosphere.
  • Jupiter At Last

    Arrived at Jupiter.
  • Details, Details

    Details, Details
    At launch, the spacecraft and probe together wieghed almost six-thousand pounds, about as much as two sport utility vehicles. Galileo is over twenty feet tall. The spacecraft is a "dual-spin" design --- a controlled spin keeps Galileo stable. One section of the spacecraft rotates at 3rpm. On this section, six instruments gather data from all different directions.
  • Mission Possible

    Mission Possible
    Galileo Began it's true mission, a two year study of Jupiter and it's moons.
  • MORE!

    Galileo was cabable of much more, so it was given an extended mission. For a few more orbits, it focused on Jupiter and two of it's moons, Lo and Europa.
  • Jupiter's Secret

    Galileo purposely destroyed itself to protect one of its own discoveries - a possible sea underneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon, Europa.