Galileo Galilie

By bphogan
  • Feb 15, 1564


    Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. His father was Vincenzo Galilei and his mother was Giulia di Cosimo. He was the oldest of seven children. his father was a wool trader and a musician. his father wanted Galileo to study medecine because of the amount of money it made (Fermi 2).
  • Jan 1, 1578

    Armillary Sphere

    Armillary Sphere
    The Armillary Sphere consisted of metal bands around a ball in the center. the bands represented known planets and the sun. the center ball was used to represent earth. This instrument was invented by Galileo in 1578. The purpose was to demonstrate the paths of planets that travel around the sun (Hightower 18).
  • chair of mathematics

    chair of mathematics
    At the University of Padua in Venetian Republic Galileo was given the position as chairman of the mathematics department. His job was to give lectures on goelogy and astronomy. Galileo being a brilliant man also teached in multiple other areas. He would teach individual students in their desired feild (Hightower 49).
  • Thermoscope

    In 1592 Galileo used a tube of blown glass which had air and water inside of it. he placed weights in the water within the tube. The air bubble at the top would get bigger or smaller causing the weights to either move up or down when there was a temperature change. this was an early version of today's thermometer (reston 34).
  • compass

    Galileo invented a compass used for firing cannon balls and for geometric use. Merchants could also use it to work out rates of exchange. The compass consisted of two rulers connected by a third curved piece of wood. It was also used as an early form of a calculator (Hightower 17).
  • Virginia is born

    Virginia is born
    Galileo has his first child, Virginia out of wedlock. Virginia was born in Padua, Italy. The mother of Virginia was Mrina Gamba. Galileo and Marina never married however (Reston).
  • His Telescope

    His Telescope
    In 1609 Gailileo saw a new invention at an exposition in venice. the ivention was called an optical tube thast would make distant objects appear closer. This inspired him to put together a series of lenses to make his first telescope. The optical tube had a zoom of 3x while his telescope had a zoom of 1000x (Reston 37).
  • Jupiter!

    One night when Galileo was looking through his telescope he notices that there is three bright lights near jupiter. As time goes on there is a fourth Bright object. Galileo discover that Jupiter has four satellites which revolve around the planet. Also that Jupiter and its satellites revolve around the sun (Reston 76).
  • Venus

    In 1610 Galileo confirms that venus goes through phases similar to the moon. this occured by the angle at which the sun would hit the planet. Other plants casted a shadow making part of the planet darker than the rest (Reston 47).
  • Thirty years war (world)

    Thirty years war (world)
    The thirty years war began in 1618. The war was over religion between the protistants and catholics. The war took place mainy in central Europe and was one of the longest wars ever (Grun).
  • Slavery (world)

    Slavery (world)
    In 1619 the first African slaves were brought to virginia. This started to grow in Amarica in the south. Slaves were put to work and abused with out any pay (Grun).
  • Mayflower Compact (world)

    Mayflower Compact (world)
    When the pilgrims reached America they had no laws to live by. The Pilgrims constucted a basic system of laws to obtain contol over the colony. This document of the laws was called the Mayflower compact (Grun).
  • Thanksgiving (world)

    Thanksgiving (world)
    The 1st Thanksgiving was held in auttum of 1621. The wompanoag and the pilgrims enjoyed a huge feast, The purpose of Thanksgiving was a celbration of the tribes 1st successful harvest (Grun).
  • Boston (world)

    Boston (world)
    Boston was founded by the pilgrims in 1630. Today Boston is home to many historic landmarks and events. Also Boston is the capitol of Massachusett (Grun).
  • Hrvard (world)

    Hrvard (world)
    In 1636 Hrvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts was founded. Harvard is a private ivy league school and is one of the best schools in the country. Also it is one of the oldest schools in America today (Grun).
  • Death

    Around 1683 Galileo had ill health and was becoming blind. His official cause of dath is unknown. However before he dies he suffered of a fever and heart palpitations. He died at the old age of 78 (Nardo 54).