Galileo Galilei

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  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei is Born

    Galileo Galilei is Born
    Galileo is born to Vincenzo and Giulia Galilei in the Italian city of Pisa. He was the oldest of seven siblings and was expected to follow his father's footsteps.(Hightower 2)
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    Sep 19, 1581

    Galileo's Time at the University of Pisa

    Galileo's father enrolled him into the school in order to study medicine, but he had no interest in medicine so he studied mathematics. While at the school, he discovered that the weight of a pendulum did not change the time of the swing, the only thing that could change the swing would be a change in length of the string. He also invented the pulsilogia. He was forced to leave the school in 1585 because of his low progress. (Swisher 12-14)
  • Proving Aristotle Wrong

    Proving Aristotle Wrong
    At this time period, everyone believed Aristotle's(greek philosopher) theories because they were supported by the Bible. It was considered a serious crime to defy these theories. Galileo questioned Aristotle's Law's of Motion, heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects. He did research and found proof, but nobody believed him. So he decided to demonstrate by dropping multiple balls of different weights off of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They all hit the ground at the same time.(Swisher 16)
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    The University of Padua

    One year after his father's death, Galileo was hired as a mathematics teacher at the University of Padua. There, he studied mostly mechanics. This school had a better fit on Galileo's style of teaching because students were encouraged to challenge old theories. While at the school, he built a geometrical compass and the first thermometer. (Swisher 15-17)
  • Marina Gamba

    Marina Gamba
    Galileo marries Marina Gamba of which he has two daughters with, Livia and Virginia, and a son, Vincenzo. (Hightower 45)
  • Tokyo Becomes Japan's Capital

    Tokyo Becomes Japan's Capital
    Leyasu, ruler of Japan, moves capital to Edo, present day Japan. Tokyo is now one of the highest populated cities in the world. (Taylor 171).
  • The Moons of Jupiter

    The Moons of Jupiter
    Galileo had invented a telescope that was strong and made him a huge profit, his salary at Padua was doubled and his teaching position was made permaneant. He used his telescope to look at Jupiter, and he noticed four stars. He looked at it again after a period of time, they had moved position. He realized that what he thought were stars were actually moons orbiting Jupiter. (Swisher 22)
  • The Starry Messenger

    The Starry Messenger
    The Starry Messenger became one of the most important books of the seventeenth century. It had descriptions of what he saw on the moon from looking through his telescope, it listed his observations of the stars in the galaxy, and he wrote about his discoveries of Jupiter and its moons (Hightower 65).
  • Burning of the Globe Theater

    Burning of the Globe Theater
    On June 29th. The Globe Theater located near London, England, was burned down during a play because the special effects went wrong. It was rebuilt the next year in the same spot (Taylor 180).
  • Pilgrims Arrive in North America

    Pilgrims Arrive in North America
    On December 26th 1620, the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They arrived via ships, the most famous one being the Mayflower. They came because they wanted to create a new and pure Church to be their own (Taylor 248)
  • The Great Protestation

    The Great Protestation
    English Civil Wars broke out because of the rivalry between the monarch and the Parliament regarding judicial and legislative affaris (Taylor 256).
  • Dialogue

    The Dialogue was about the two different views on Earth's place in the universe. One was Ptolemy's view, that the Earth was the center of the universe. The other was Copernicus' view, the sun was the center of the universe.The book was about three charachters having a conversation about whose theory was correct. The book ended with the charachters deciding that Copernicus' theory was correct.(Hightower 78-80)
  • Galileo Convicted of Heresy

    Galileo Convicted of Heresy
    Galileo is convicted of heresy because his book, Dialogue, defended Copernician theories. He was placed under permanent house arrest in Florence (Nardo 62).
  • Rhode Island is Founded

    Rhode Island is Founded
    In June of 1636, the state of Rhode Island is founded in the United States of America by Roger Williams (Taylor 348).
  • Period: to

    Pequot War

    The Pequot War represented the first major problem between Native Amricans and New England settlers. New England was victorious (Taylor 352).
  • Galileo's Death

    Galileo's Death
    Galileo Galilei dies in his home on January 8th, 1642, while he was still under house arrest. Centuries later, the Catholic Church sees the mistake of the decision made against Galileo (Nardo 70).