• Feb 15, 1564

    Early Life

    Early Life
    Galileo was born in Pisa Italy to Vincenzo and Giulia. galileos family was prominate but not wealthy. his father was a musician and his grandfather was a doctor
  • Period: Feb 15, 1564 to

    Galileos life

  • May 2, 1582


    After education at the monestary, Galileo attended The university of Pisa to attain his medical degree. While there he met a prominate mathematicain and convined his father to allow him to study other subjects.
  • Early work

    Early work
    Galileo quite the idea of a medical degree and began teaching mathmatics at universitys. His firstjob was at Vallombrosa where he used to go to school.
  • Progression

    During his time at Vallambrosa Galileo wrote his first of many books called Little Balances. This book was on his discoveries on gravity and it impressed many important people in the scientific community. Because of the book Galileo got an important position at the university of Bologna then Pisa.
  • Tradgedy

    While in Pisa, Galileos father died leaving him financialy in charge of his family. Because of the strain of having so many people to provide for, Galileo moved to the university of Padua which tripled his salary.
  • First invention

    First invention
    In May 1609 Galileo improved the telescope and sold it off as his own invention for a lot of money. Galileo also met Maria Gamba who he had a long relasionship with, fathering 3 illigetimate children.
  • Copernicus' theory

    Copernicus' theory
    In 1613 the arguement on whether or not the sun was the center of the universe began to heat up. Galileos discoveries sided with the idea that the church was wrong. Because of this the church warned him that he would be charged of heresy if he did not stop campaigning that he was right.
  • Galileo Vs. Church

    Galileo Vs. Church
    Despite the warnings galileo began to publish even more books about his discoveries in astronomy so the church declared him a heretic and he was given house arrest for life.
  • Death

    Galileo died in 1642 but his body wasnt buried in a church. His body was moved to a church in 1737 after the church felt it was ok to bury him on holy ground. In 1992 the church expressed that it had made an error and that Galileo was right.