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  • Feb 15, 1564


    Galileo is born in Italy
  • May 6, 1574


    10 year old Galileo moves to florence.
  • Dec 18, 1575

    Brother birth

    Brother birth
    Galileo's brother Michalangelo is born
  • First Book

    First Book
    Galileo publishes his first book. It is called little balance and talks about hydrostatics.
  • Dad dies

    Dad dies
    Galileo's dad dies at age 71
  • award

    Awarded chair of mathematics in Uneversity of Padua
  • Virginia's Birth

    Virginia's Birth
    Galileo had a relationship with Mariana Gamba for 12 years during this time they had two daughters the first one was named Virginia.
  • Supernova

    A supernova is a dead star exploding. October 10th 1604 is when Padua saw there first supernova.
  • telescope

    Galileo made his own telescope, Though it was not the first one.Galileo looked at all the planets with it.
  • Moons of jupiter

    Moons of jupiter
    Galileo discovered 4 moons of jupiter. These moons were called
    1lo 2Europa 3Callisto and 4Ganymede.
  • Siderus nuncius

    Siderus nuncius
    Siderous Nuncius or starry messenger was published 12 march 1610.This book talks about how the moon has holes in it.
  • Saturn

    Galileo saw saturn but made no observations of it
  • Venus

    Galileo shows that venus goes through phases.
  • sunspots

    Galileo discovers sunspots. Sunspots are dark patches on the suns surface.
  • the assayer

    the assayer
    The Assayer is published.
  • Grandad Years

    Grandad Years
    Grampa Glalelei gg
  • Dialogue

    Publishes Dialogue. Talks about Ptloemy and Copernicus. Ptloemy thought the earth was the center of the universe.Copernicus thought the earth was not the center of the universe.
  • Inqusition

    Galileo faces the inquisition and gets himself improsoned for the rest of his life
  • Blindness right

    Blindness right
    is blind in right eye
  • Blindness

    Galileo is now blind in both his eyes
  • Two New Sciences

    Two New Sciences
    Two new Sciences was galileo's last book.
  • Liberations

    Proves that the moon has liberations. In other words the moon makes monthly wobbles on it's axis
  • Died

    GALILEO dies from sickness.He is 77