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  • Spacecraft Launched

    Galileo's spacecraft was launched on October 19 to go into jupiters atmosphere.
  • Arrival at Jupiter

    Galileo's space probe dived dangerously into Jupiters atmosphere and hit 400 mph winds.
  • Studying Jupiter

    Galileo ended the first part of his mission in December 7,1997,it spent the last two years studying Jupiter and it's moons.
  • First Flyby Completed

    The Galileo spacecraft's first flyby of Europa was completed in December 8th. It passed within 124 miles of the moon. Europa is a very intriguing moon.
  • Galileo Spacecraft

    Galileo's spacecraft helped scientists discover that the rings are made of dust from the small moons around Jupiter, when they were hit by astroids or comets.
  • Mission Ended

    Galileo spacecraft crashed into Jupiter's atmosphere and that's when the mission ended.
  • Period: to

    beggining and ending of mission

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