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  • 212

    Archimedes Death

    Archimedes Death
    About 212 B.C. Romans invade Syracuse. While Syracuse was being invaded Archimedes was killedd by a Roman Soldier.
  • Period: 212 to


    He was born about the year 287 B.C. And he died about the year 212 B.C.
  • Period: 212 to 214

    The Roman Invasions

    About 214 B.C. - 212B.C. Syracuse is invaded by the Romans but they're held off by Archimedes' War Machines like the catapult
  • 215

    The Royal Assasination

    The Royal Assasination
    About 215 B.C. Hieronymos the king that was only king for a year was assasinated, and then a Civil War erupted in Syracuse.
  • 216

    The King Dies

    The King Dies
    About 216 B.C. King Hiero then his son Hieronymos inherits the thrown.
  • Period: 216 to 263

    Major Theories Developed

    The time of 263 B.C. - 216 B.C. was when most of His theories were developed. Like the fundamental principles of mechanics, and methods for finding the center of gravity, surface area, and volume of geometric figures. He also derives estimate for the value of pi and discovers the principle of buoyancy.
  • 263

    Archimedes Returns

    Archimedes Returns
    About 263 B.C. Archimedes went back to Syracuse.
  • Archimedes Birth

    Archimedes Birth
    Archimedes was born about 287 B.C. in Syracuse, Italy.
  • Archimedes Goes to Alexandria

    Archimedes Goes to Alexandria
    Archimedes travels to Alexandria, Egypt at about 269 B.C. to study and while he was there he invents the Archimedes' Screw, which is used to pump water.