G. Family

  • Dad (B. G.) born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

    Born with achondroplasia. Dealt with bullies as a child, but is well-adjusted as an adult and currently works for the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Mom (C. G.) born in Griffith, Indiana

    Born with achondroplasia.
  • C. G. marries another little person in Griffith, Indiana

  • C. G. and husband give birth to a son

    Son born with achondroplasia (inherited).
  • C. G. and husband give birth to a daughter

    Daughter born with achondroplasia (inherited).
  • C. G. divorces husband of 14 years; moves to Wisconsin

    C. G. moved with her family to Wisconsin for a job opportunity.
  • C. G. meets B. G.

  • Patient (A. G.) born in Beijing, China

    Patient born with achondroplasia. Patient had a stroke shortly after birth, resulting in mild right hemiparesis; patient's medical records from China are not complete.
  • C. G. marries B. G. in Wisconsin

  • C. G. and B. G. adopt A. G. from China

    Though A. G. is not the biological child of C. G. and B. G., they treat her as their own. This mixed family lives together well as a stable unit. C.G.'s biological children consider B. G. their father, and A. G. their sister.
  • Patient A. G. has surgery to remove a slow-growing cyst on C1-C2 vertebrae.

    Patient was experiencing more than 15 episodes of ataxia and falling per day prior to surgery. Post surgery, patient has been experiencing only 5-10 episodes of ataxia and falling per day, down significantly from before her surgery.
  • A. G. admitted to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

    Patient admitted to CHW for long-term EEG monitoring after a siezure-like episode on the morning of admission, which consisted of 10 seconds of unresponsivness and delayed verbal response to stimuli. Patient's health care team is considering the possibility of a surgical intervention to manage patient's epilepsy.