Frostfall Wins AU

  • Jul 30, 1400

    Eternos Born

    Prince Eternos is born to Horatio and Odessa Forge
  • Oct 4, 1400

    Cassian Born

    Prince Cassian is born to Daniella and Perry Everglade
  • Apr 12, 1419

    Eternos Crowned King

    Eternos takes the throne after his father Horatio's brutal murder, marrying Echo a year later. Though Everglade and Cassian were not responsible, this resparked the long seated hatred between the two countries. The rivalry between Eternos and Cassian turned from childhood envy to dangerous.
  • Sep 12, 1420

    Audrion born

    Prince Audrion is born to Cassian and Henrietta Everglade
  • May 28, 1422

    Cassian Crowned King

    Prince Cassian ascends the throne with his wife, Henrietta, upon Danielle's death on the battlefield. As he famously dove for the pearls in her engagement ring in Riazan himself, he becomes known as "the Pearl King".
  • Feb 18, 1430

    Brian Born

    Prince Brian is born to Eternos and Echo Forge
  • Jun 11, 1431

    Nadezda Born

    Nadezda is born to Nicholas and Sonya Frostfall, styled Essa Nadezda Frostfall.
  • 1440

    Frostfall Rebellion

    Nicholas Frostfall stages a rebellion against the ruling Forges. Though he starts with comparatively little manpower, he quickly gains momentum and defeats Eternos and his loyal nobles. His first act is to free the elementist slaves, officially abolishing slavery in Leander. He takes the throne upon the war's end. He fills many of the now open noble territories with former slaves raised to noble rank.
  • May 14, 1445

    Audrion Marries Ivy

    Prince Audrion marries a lesser noble, Lady Ivy Scarlet, following his elder brother Richard's political match.
  • Mar 8, 1447

    Elaura Born

    After the last of the demigod trio passes on, Aurora Bloomburn is born to Charity Bloomburn and Vyncent Spiderwood.
  • Dec 20, 1449

    Ketra Born

    Princess Ketra is born to Audrion and Ivy Everglade
  • Jul 8, 1458

    Nadezda Marries Akakios

    Nadia Frostfall makes history by becoming the first human princess to marry an elementist. Akakios, her former military partner, becomes Prince Consort.
  • Jan 23, 1459

    Markus Born

    Prince Markus, the water elementi, is born to Audrion and Ivy Everglade.
  • Feb 28, 1459

    Phaedra Born

    Phaedra is both to Nadezda and Akakios Frostfall. Shortly following her birth, she engaged to three year old Prince Markus of Everglade.