From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution

  • The Articles of Confederation was completed

    Congress approved of the Articles of Confederation, but now the states have to ratify it.
  • 8 of the 13 colonies ratified the Articles of Confederation

    The 8 colonies that ratified the the Articles of Confederation are New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and South Carolina
  • Signing of the Treaty of Paris

    When the United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris, they established peace between the them.
  • Last battle of Shay's Rebellion

    Daniel Shay leads farmers to the Springfield arsenal to get weapons. The farmers wanted to prevent the courts from foreclosing on morgages and take away their farms.
  • First Meeting of the Constitution Convention

    Delgates from all of the states, except Rhode Island, meet in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Convederation.
  • Draft of the Constitution

    The Constitutional Convention sends a draft to the states for ratification.