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Road to the Constitution: Hannah Rickelmann

  • Jun 15, 1215

    The Magna Carta

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    The Magna Carta was a letter to the King of England forcibley laying out guidelines of certain rights that he couldn't infringe on. It inspired what the settlers were looking for because it was the first document from the poeple to the ruler that demanded rights.
  • Early American Settlers

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    Settlers came to America to start a new life for themselves. They brought ideas of land ownership, private property, and structured socieaty + government with them. An ordered government is where the government has strict guidelines, a limited government is where the government has specific limitations, and a representative government is where the people in the government are elected by citizens.
  • The Mayflower Compact

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    The promise of the compact was basically a mini-constitution, written to stabilize the government when the pilgrims first got to Plymoth Rock, so anarchy would break out.
  • Petition of Right

    The Petition of Right layed out what boundries the Americans wanted to the British, and it inspired what the settlers were looking for because it clearly defined that they want independance and that they will have boundries.
  • English Bill of Rights

    source source source The EBOR was an eye-opener for the British, and it showed that the Americans wanted their freedom and what they would do to get it. It inspired the Americans because it showed them that they can change their future
  • The Creation of the Thirteen Colonies (1607-1733)

    source Life in the 13 centuries was rought because the sudden freedom was new for everyone. The government was a constant struggle between it and its' poeple for the majority of the power. The relationship between the colonies and england was rocky, and resulted in wars.
  • Albany Plan of Union

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    Benjamin came up with this plan to avoid a war between the colonies. It was quickly rejected because it would make the person in power so powerful that the citizens and the rest of the government couldn't keep him in check.
  • The Stamp Act

    source Because of the stamp act, the intolerable acts took place, where the seven year wart and the intolerable acts were a result.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    source 2 source 1 It was a shooting of severel people that started when a crowd gathered against the stamp act. The exact events leading up to it are unclear, but there were 5 deaths, and a black man was a hero, so that was a turning point for the african american society.
  • The Tea Act & The Boston Tea Party

    source 2 source 1 The tea Act raised taxes on tea, and the boston tea party was when US citizens were fed up with the taxes and threw tea into the harbor.They created tension because the 2 countries wrongred each other, making future meetings and such feel like there was an elephant in the room.
  • First Continental Congress

    source It was a meeting of delegates in 1774 that met as a result of the Boston Tea Party and Britain's too-high taxes. Things were not resolved and a decision wasn;t reached, so they met again a year later- the second continental congress.
  • The American Revolution

    Source 1Source 2 The revolution was sparked by the thirteen American colonies wanting to be free from rule by British. The goals were to make a new government that didnt need a king, and to protest the unfairness of the British Law. The result of it was that americans had independance from Btitain.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
  • The Declaration of Independence

    source 2 source 1 The Declaration of Independance is a document stating the nfact that The united States was free from all the british rule. A fundamental belief was that all humans have worth and rights that they should be born into.
  • The Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation
    source Source 2 The articles of confederation were an agreement between the 13 original states that created the USA as a confederation of soveign states. A good thing was that it was a crucial step toward becoming its own entity, a bad thing is that it was directed towards not have a central power instead of actually solving relevant issues.
  • The End of the Revolutionary War and the Critical Period of the 1780s

    source 2source 1 The articles of coonfederation were illogical because they gave each state one vote, instead of giving votes based on the amount of citizens. A problem was that the government couldnt enfoce laws becuase the judicial system wasnt up to par. Money and boundries were also argued over.
  • Mount Vernon 1785

  • Annapolis 1786

    Sorce 1 Source 2 The meeting was about trade routes between the southern states. Only 5 out of 13 people showed up, so George Washington made the decision on behalf of the country. The meeting resulted in the decision to be able to make ammendments to the constitution if they benifited the country as a whole.
  • The 1787 Constitutional Convention

  • The Virginia Plan (The first proposed replacement for the Articles of Confederation)

    source source The plan decided that the amount of votes each state would get would be proportional to its citizens. The small states opposed it because they felt that they would be overwhelmed bu the bigger states.
  • The Connecticut Compromise

    The Connecticut Compromise
    sourcesource The continental compromise was trying to reach a comprimise betwenn the small and large states that defines each representatives that people would get in the US constitution. It was ultimately decided on in the Committee of Detail. It resulted in the three-fifths compromise.
  • The New Jersey Plan (The second proposed replacement for the Articles of Confederation)

    source 2 source 1 This plan was an edited version of the AOC. It was considered a better alternative because it didn't count any states out when it came to voting. People opposed it because it favored states with a larger population.
  • The Three-Fifths Compromise

    The Three-Fifths Compromise
    source 2source 1 The three/fifths compromise was where only 3/5ths of the slave population counted as "real people", instead of 5/5ths. It was put in so the southern states would be satisfied. The slaveholders had less taxes to pay because two fifths of their slaves were not even counted as people.
  • The Constitution Goes into Effect in 1789

    1. Freedom of Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press, Opinion, and Speech (establishment & free exercise clause)
    This is what caused the first settlers to break away from Great Britian in the first place- not enough rights. So giving rights to our citizens sums up the goal of the making of our country.
  • Ratifying the Constitution: The Federalists vs. the Anti-Federalists

    source 1 source 2 Ratify means- to give formal consent to something with some sort of treaty. The federalists wanted a strong government, and they didn't want the bill of rights. The anti-federalists wanted a weaker government that would give more rights to the states. The federalists won out because they had a stronger central goverment.