Continental congress

Unit 5: Establishing a New Nation (1788-1800)

By Mnayeli
  • The Patriots versus the loyalists in 1776

    The Patriots versus the loyalists in 1776
    After the Revolutionary War people split up into two groups the Loyalists and the patriots. The patriots were a group of people who wanted American colonies to Green independence from Britain. The Patriots wanted to become their own country called the United States. People decided to become Patriots after the war because they were constantly text by Britain and felt that was unfair.
  • The significance of the Loyalists and Patriots in 1776

    The significance of the Loyalists and Patriots in 1776
    the relationship between the Loyalists and Patriots was a significant significant point in history because this was the time where people actually begin to divide. At this point in history especially after the American Revolution many people had heated arguments over whose ideas were accurate and whose were not. Also these groups of people could have impacted future decisions made in the constitutional government based on what they favored.
  • You significance of loyalists and Patriots in 1776 continued

    These divisions in society as what caused communities to weaken and I believe groups like the Loyalists and Patriots are what influence societal thoughts.
  • The Declaration of Independence in 1776

    The Declaration of Independence in 1776
    the Declaration of Independence was a very important event in history in 1776. This was a document written by the 13 colonies declaring independence from British ruling. The 13 colonies motives behind this document was the fact that they were displeased that they had no say in the government and how they had to pay taxes. A committee was later formed which consists of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert r-livingston, and Rodger Sherman.
  • The Declaration of Independence in 1776 continued

    This document states that all men are created equal by the Lord himself and because of this men should be viewed just to lie in a Judicial System. Also it says that men have no rights that cannot be taken away from them which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And these rights should be protected by the government and when these standards are not met you people are able to rebuild for a new government.
  • The significance of the Declaration of Independence 1776

    . The Declaration of Independence was important because it was the beginning of self-rule for America. This was a huge step towards independence as they wanted citizens to have a say in certain things. An example would be if a government was a despotic ruler citizens had the right to abolish him and get a new government. Also Americans was forming and we were no longer in Nevada with Great Britain.
  • The significance of the Declaration of Independence continue

    The Declaration of Independence was a start of something new but it was going to be great. The Declaration of Independence want to give individuals all the same opportunities to everyone and everything was fair.
  • Articles of Confederation 1777

    Articles of Confederation 1777
    The Articles of Confederation was essential key into forming the Constitution. After a dispute between the British Parliament and French over taxes and depth a old. The problem and then wanted to create a way to punish Boston for ruining the harbor with t, which was later called the Boston Tea Party. Parliament planned was not that great because there was many Americans known as the Loyalists who were loyal to British crown willingly, and the Parliament did not like this.
  • Article in Confederation 1777 continued

    But the radicalist and Loyalists met eye to eye which later help the Parliament and King George the third reconsider their actions. Then delegates of the colonies met in the Continental Congress in 1774 to explain their thoughts/ideas to persuade Parliament to repeal their laws. After the Revolutionary War, the delegates try again to convince the Parliament to repeal its laws and this letter was sent directly to the king and he did not accept this.
  • Articles of Confederation 1777 continued

    Then brand German Franklin steps in and is inspired by the Haudenosaunee to create their own Confederacy. And 1754 Benjamin Franklin Mint the delegates from other colonies to resent his plan of Union which created this American Vision. The delegates quickly adopted this plan of Union but their governments rejected and believe that some of Franklin's political power should lesson to create a central llegislature.
  • The Articles of Confederation continued

    Benjamin Franklin has joined the second continental congress in 1775 where he revised his fan of Union and created his Multistate congress with a later rejected. Then John Dixon comes along and later the size he wanted to get away the colonies can be Governor. He then added on to Franklin's Confederation in putting his own ideas and names at the United States of America.
  • You significance of the articles in Confederation in 1777

    the Articles of Confederation was a highly important moment in history. It was important because it was a guide towards the US Constitution and developing a way to establish minimum federal power. Acid to acid the Declaration of Independence was signed the ratification of the Constitution began. And after the branchknew that the United States needed to act as a unified country to be able to fight the British.
  • You significance of the Articles of Confederation in 1777 continued

    And the Articles of Confederation made all of this happened they created a basis or later on the Constitution would be built.
  • Shays Rebellion in 1786

    Shays Rebellion in 1786
    Shays Rebellion begin at the end of the Articles of Confederation were points out the weaknesses in the Confederation stating how they needed a stronger Union. This Rebellion is formed when Daniel Shane a former Soldier returns home to West Western Philadelphia to continue his life as a former. But when he arrives he realizes he wasn't received his paycheck, and tax bills saying he is in Dept.
  • Shays Rebellion in 1786 continued

    Daniel then notices that Jefferson had written about tyranny in someone's life and they have a right to revolt. Shay creates his own organization of people similar to him and use their power to shut down courts houses to stop them from collecting money. Shay organization end up going to the Seaboard and even the capital demanding for protection of their livelihood. Later Daniel Shay was arrested in his method does not work and was his way of giving Americans a wake-up call.
  • The significance of Shays Rebellion in 1786

    The significance of Shays Rebellion in 1786
    Shay's rebellion was a significant point in history because Daniel Shay was able to form a group of farmers who stood up to tyranny. Shay and his group the manager change within their community and was able to send a little message to the government. Shays Rebellion may have not been fully successful but imagine how many were later influenced by him or became less fearful towards tyranny.
  • The significance of Shays Rebellion in 1786

    This Rebellion Also may have led to the new constitution. Then you'll was able to slightly enlightened Rich Americans to improve the colonies economy which is a very hard task to do. I believe that this rebellion led to American Allies becoming fearful and other citizens revolting against them.
  • The Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists 1787 to 1788

    The Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists 1787 to 1788
    these two opposing groups are introduced during the Constitutional Convention in 1787 during the ratification process. And to make the Constitution into the supreme law of the land, 9 of the 13 states had to approve of this. During this process two groups that formed with opposing views in the ratification. The Federalists agreed with the ratification because they thought the Constitution was already complete. They also believe than a strong central government.
  • The significance of the Federalists versus Anti-Federalists 1787 to 1788

    The formation of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist is an important time in history. These two groups were very influential towards the Constitution. Also the Federalists and Anti-Federalists had the bait debates on what rules should we develop and they both had different views on the impacts of those rules. The Federalists believed in Independence and liver. While the Anti-Federalists believe National Power should not expand.
  • The significance of the Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists 1787-1788 continued

    Overall I believe these two groups were very prominent towards Society because they consist of important representatives and America light in the hands of these two groups.
  • The Federalists verse the Anti-Federalists 1787 to 1788 continue

    The Federalists primarily consisted of wealthy businessman living in trading areas. Some examples of Federalists include Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison and John Marshall. Now the Anti-Federalists were of course against the ratification the Constitution. They feared that having a strong central government was the result in a monarchy and give people more power and freedom. Some examples of anti-federalist include John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Clinton and Patrick Henry.
  • The Bill of Rights of 1789 continued

    The legal rights section states rights that in court your rights are protected by four amendments which include entitlement to a fair trial, the right to remain silent and the Prevention of Cruel punishments. And the last section of Rights States the protection of the natural rights. This last amendment was created where it does not specifically stated what rights are protected, because it was was up to the people to interpret this the way they wanted.
  • The Bill of Rights 1789

    The Bill of Rights 1789
    the Bill of Rights was created because of the Constitution Convention of 1787. In this constitution convention 12 States had met wanting to discuss the government, Define our rights and just figure out how to run Philadelphia at the time. This is how the Bill of Rights was later formed when the people thought the Constitution did not address the rights of the people and we're not willing to ratify it.
  • The significance of the Bill of Rights 1789

    The development of the Bill of Rights was essential to society in history. The Bill of Rights was able to highlight the importance of mankind rather than the structure of government. The Bill of Rights was a moment in history where the protection of individual rights and Liberty was now important. And I believe this gave individuals more confidence and standing up for themselves because they were protected more than ever and they favored this.
  • Significance of the Bill of Rights 1789 continued

    Imagine if the Bill of Rights was not established Society during this time would be entirely different in a bad way. And when I say bad I'm talking about how oppressed people would be. as well as how much more power the government would have over the people as well, society would have been subordinate towards the government. The establishment of these rights was a huge Helping Hands in society and Humanity as well.
  • The Bill of Rights of 1789 continued

    Then James Madison decided to write amendments in the Constitution that would address these human rights. 10 amendments were created in this process that would be ratified for the people which we call the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights can be broken down into three parts which include the personal rights, legal rights, and the back of Rights. For the personal rights there were lost created such as freedom of speech, the right to practice religion and even the right to bear arms.