United States Government History

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Signing of the Magna Carta

    Signing of the Magna Carta
    --Promised the protection of church rights
    --Limitation of Feudal payments
    --Protected barons from illgeal imprisonments
    --Created the limited government system that the United States use in present time
    --THe signing was located in Runnymede
  • First Colony was founded

    First Colony was founded
    --Founded under a patent issued from the Parliment
    --First colony to stay
    --Started the beginning of the 13 colonies which slowy turns into a independent country call United States of America and its constitution and government
    --Located in Virginia
  • Signing of the Petition of Right

    Signing of the Petition of Right
    --The signing was located in London
    --Created restrictions on non-Parliment taxing, martial law, and imprisonment without cause
    --The U.S. constitution uses ideas from the Petition of Right to protect the citizens and give them civil rights
  • Implementation of the English Bill of Rights

    Implementation of the English Bill of Rights
    --Stated that the pretending powers of dispesing laws is illegal
    --Election of members for Parliment is free and all grants and promises of fines are illgeal and created seperation of powers
    --The U.S adpoted some these ideas to use in the U.S constitution to further improve civil rights for citizens of the United States of America and adopted seperation of powers
    --Located in London
  • Last Colony was founded

    Last Colony was founded
    --The last colony was located in Georgia
    --Served as place debtors could go to start a new life
    --Used as a barrier against Spanish invasion
    --Was the last colony of the 13 colonies and slowly became one of the supporters for the US government
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany Plan of Union
    --Proposed by Benjamin Franklin
    -- Used to create a unified government
    -- Connects to U.S government because this plan called for a general government to be administered by a President General
    --Located in Albany, New York
  • George III comes to throne

    George III comes to throne
    --Reigned and lived longer than any previous British ruler
    --Suffered from a mental illness
    --This ties into the U.S government because this starts the events that leads to the U.S government forming
    --Located in London
  • Stamp Act goes into affect

    Stamp Act goes into affect
    --Had to be paid in valid British money
    --Direct tax on colonies
    -- Lead to the American revolution due to the high taxes and lead to the development of the U.S constitution and government
    -- Located in London/America
  • Period: to

    Stamp Act congress convenes

    --First gathering of elected representatives
    --Devised a unified protest against the Stamp Act
    --Located in New York
    -- The first meeting on the U.S congress
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    --British killed five men and injured six others
    --Two soldiers were convicted of manslaughter
    -- Located in Boston
    -- Caused a upset resulting in a independence from the British
  • BostonTea Party

    BostonTea Party
    --Located in Boston
    --Devised to defy the Tea Act
    --Pushed the two sides closer to war
    --Fowarded the progress into which the U.S government was being formed as well as the U.S constitution
  • Period: to

    First Continental Congress

    --Considered an economic boycott against the British
    --Located in Philedelphia
    --Developed a reasonable soultion for all difficulties
    --One of the many congress meetings of the U.S government
  • Start of the American Revolution "The Shot Heard Round the World"

    Start of the American Revolution "The Shot Heard Round the World"
    --137 american minute men took part in the battle of Lexington and Concord
    --Ten americans died and ten were wounded
    --This is the beginning of the U.S government sprouting and growing into its own independent country and have its own constitution
    --Located at the Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • Second Continental Congress meets

    Second Continental Congress meets
    --Managed the colonial war effort
    --Located in Philedelphia
    --Adopted the U.S Decleration of Independence
    --Congress meeting that made the U.S government independent from the British government
  • Signing of the Declaration of Independence

    Signing of the Declaration of Independence
    -- Thomas Jefferson wrote the original draft
    -- Declared independence from Great Britain
    -- Important to the U.S government because this was the base of it
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    --Was not ratified until March 1, 1781
    -- Had the power to wage wars
    -- Located in York
    -- Was an idea until the U.S constitution was made
  • Period: to

    Shay's Rebellion

    --Economic depression
    --High taxes threatened farmers
    --Located in Massachusetts
    -- Gave the U.S government ideas on how improve the government even better
  • The Great Compromise of 1787

    The Great Compromise of 1787
    --Centered around how many representatives each state could have
    --Located in Philedelphia
    --Agreed on Sherman's Plans
    --Made the building blocks for U.S congress
  • U.S constitution ratified

    U.S constitution ratified
    --Became the supreme law
    --Introduced seperation of powers
    --Located in Philedelphia
    --U.S constitution further developed the U.S government which also included a president
  • Period: to

    New Congress meets

    -- Located in New York/ Philedelphia
    --Compromise of 1790
    -- Department of War and Treasury created
    --Developed the House of Representatives and the Senate for the U.S government
  • George Washington inaugurated

    George Washington inaugurated
    --Located in New York
    --Took the Oath of Office
    --Took several days to get to the Federal Hall
    --This was the first president of the U.S and also the first person to be in the executive branch
  • Last state ratifies U.S constitution

    Last state ratifies U.S constitution
    --Located in Rhode Island
    --Madison stated that the Bill of Rights were needed
    --Rhode Island faced the threat of being treated as a foreign government
    --Offically stated the U.S constitution as the supreme law in the U.S
  • Temporary Capitol is chosen

    Temporary Capitol is chosen
    --Located in New York
    --Old city hall was redesigned
    --sparked many debates
    --Was the first captial city of the U.S government and where they held their meetings