French Revolution

By jenher
  • start of the revolution

    Summoning of the States-general (start of the French revolution)
  • Declaration

    Reclaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Then Outbrak of the Paris mob; liberal monarchical constitution.
  • Napolean

    Dictatorship of Napoleon established under the Consulate.
  • Constitution

    The constitution accpeted by King Louis XVI and the reorganisationof Paris.
  • French declare war

    French declare war againist Austria. Then in September the massacres started and the battle of Valmy took place.
  • War declared

    War was declared against Britain, Holland and Spian. Then in July Jean-Paul was assissinated.
  • Worship

    The abolition of the worship of God took place. Cult of Reason. THen in december the retreat of the allies across Rhine took place.
  • Slavery

    The abolition of slavery in the colonies was established and the festival of the Supreme Being took place.
  • Prussia

    Treaty of Basel. Prussia withdraws form war and the consitution of 1795 was formd.
  • Holy Roman empire

    War againist the Holy Roman empire and the battle of Lodi.
  • Promclamed

    The Roman Republic and the Helventian republic were procliamed. After this there was the battle of the pyramids and the battle of the Nile.