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French & Indian War

  • Surprise Attack

    Surprise Attack
    The French attack Fort Necessity with 700 men. George Washington and his 400 men was forced to surrender and leave the Ohio Valley.
  • Battle of Monongahela River

    Battle of Monongahela River
    English lose 914 men out of 1,300, French lose 44, English war plans captured.
    July 9, 1755 General Braddock is defeated at the Battle of the Monongahela. He loses 63 of his 86 officers and two-thirds of his men. George Washington and his Virginia soldiers are praised for enabling the retreat of the survivors.
  • Attack Fort Bull

    Attack Fort Bull
    Lery attacks Fort Bull near Oswego with 360 French and Indians, almost all 70 English defenders killed
  • Declaration of War

    Declaration of War
    The formal declaration of the war between England and France was made.
  • Fort Oswego Surrenders

    Fort Oswego Surrenders
    The British, Fort Oswego surrenders, 1,700 prisoners taken, fort is burned to the ground.
  • Siege of Fort William Henry

     Siege of  Fort William Henry
    Montcalm with and 6,200 regulars and 1,800 Indians attack 2,500 under Lt. Col. Monro at Fort William Henry, The fort surrenders, and about 200 English were massacred by Indians after leaving fort.
  • Ships Sunk

    Ships Sunk
    Several of the English ships sunk in a storm blockading Louisbourg.
  • Attack Montcalm/British defeat at Battle of Fort Carillon

    Attack Montcalm/British defeat at Battle of Fort Carillon
    Major General Abercromby 6,000 regulars and 9,000 colonials attacks Montcalm with 3,600 men with a frontal assault, English army routed in counter-attack.The English lose 1,944. The French lose 377
  • Wolfe Sets Sail

    Wolfe Sets Sail
    Major General Wolfe and 8,500 men set sail from Louisbourg in 119 transports.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    Wolfe launches attack on Beauport line outside Quebec, driven off with 500 lost.
  • Retake Quebec

    Retake Quebec
    1760 The French General Levis sails downstream from Montreal in six frigates along with 7,000 men to retake Quebec
  • Montreal Surrenders

    Montreal Surrenders
    Montreal surrenders with an English army of 17,500 men to which French General Levis only has 2,500 men
  • Spain Enters War

    Spain Enters War
    Spain enters war on France's side. The new Spanish king, King Carlos III was a cousin of King Louis XV of France. Charles's alliance reversed the policy of his predecessor, Ferdinand VI, who wished to keep Spain out of war.
  • Teaty of Paris

    Teaty of Paris
    France gave up claims to all of its North American possessions. The land that is west of the Mississippi River and New Orleans goes to Spain. All land east of the Mississippi River and Canda goes to England.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    The Royal Proclamation of 1763 boundary line was created, All land west of the west of the Alleghenies Mountains was to be considered Indian land, and all future land purchases were to be made by Crown.