French & Indian War!

  • Fort Necessity

    The fort was made for the British.
  • Albany Plan Of Union

    The Albany Plan of union was created.
  • British didnt want French

    British wanted all of the French out and get all of the land the Friench owned and take over it.
  • For Duguese

    There was a war fort that was used by the French and the English.
  • War was declared.

    The was actually declared.
  • Start of War!

    Start of War!
    Conflict between the French the Enlgish occur over colonial territory and wealth. North America saw it as a local rivarly between British and English colonist.
  • Fort Oswego

    The war was at Fort Oswego between both of two parties.
  • War declared.

    The War was declared.
  • England Declares war.

    Egland declares war in France.
  • Britain captured city of Quebec.

    Britatin had one the war over Quebec, saying that they stopped the flow of goods to the French, Also the French surrender.
  • Spain becomes Allies of te French.

    Spain steps up and agree to help the French in the war.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris ends all the wars and it comes to an end.