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French & Indian war

By bonkian
  • 150 virginians to victory!

    150 virginians to victory!
    Washington leads 150 virginans to victory over a French exploratory party.
  • Congress approves Franklin's Plan

    Congress approves Franklin's Plan
    Albany congress approves Franklin's plan of the union-but not all coloneis accept it.
  • Washinton surrenders

    Washinton surrenders
    Washinton surrenders fort necessity.
  • Braddock defeated by french

    Braddock defeated by french
    braddock and his english and colonial forces are defeated by french and indians at fort Duquesne
  • triuph at lake george

    triuph at lake george
    Johnson and hendrick triumph at lake George.
  • 6000 acadians expelled

    6000 acadians expelled
    6000 Acadians are expelled from Nova scotia after refusing to swear loyalty to britian.
  • English declare war with France

    English declare war with France
    The english declare war with France in europe, where the war is called the seven years' war.
  • Amherst captures Louisbourg

    Amherst captures Louisbourg
    general Jeffery Amherst captures Lousisbourg.
  • English capture fort Niagara

    English capture fort Niagara
    Johnson's English soldiers and Iroquois Indians capture Fort Niagara.
  • English win Quebec

    English win Quebec
    The english win the battle of Quebec. Wolfe and montcalm are killed.
  • War has ended

    War has ended
    Treaty of paris ends the French and Indian war.