French & Indian War

  • Fort Necessity, the unoffical start of the war

    Fort Necessity, the unoffical start of the war
    fort necessity started the war because the british and french had their first battle. Gereral george washington surrended due to the french, due to the bad position of the fort.
  • Period: to

    The corse of th french and indian war

  • Period: to

    French and indian war

  • Battle of Monongahela

    Battle of Monongahela
    British General Edward Braddock is mortally wounded and his force of British regulars troops are defeated.
  • Britain and France War

    Britain and France War
    Britain and France officially declare war against one another. According to the terms arranged in existing treaties of alliance, Prussia immediately enters the war on the side of Britain. Austria, Sweden, and Russia are allied with France.
  • Whilliam pitt becomes british sectary of state

    Whilliam pitt becomes british sectary of state
    William Pitt is named British secretary of state. He will authorize the raising of 23,000 provincial troops in North America.
  • Fort Whilliam Henery

    Fort Whilliam Henery
    French General Montcalm forces the surrender of the British at Fort William Henry after a six-day siege. 150 are killed, and 500 are taken captive.
  • British capture louisbourg

    British capture louisbourg
    The British capture Louisbourg, a French port . The British are now able to severely restrict French supply lines flowing down the Saint Lawrence River.
  • Fort Duquesne

    The French abandon and destroy Fort Duquesne
  • Fort Niagara

    Fort  Niagara
    British forces under General John Prideaux, capture Fort Niagara.
  • Battle For Quebec

    Battle For Quebec
    General James Wolfe lands a force of British troops above Quebec and attacks the city across the Plains of Abraham. In the battle, the British suffer fewer than 700 casualties, the French more than 1,800. The French abandon the city and retreat to Montreal. Wolfe is killed in battle.
  • French Surrender

    French Surrender
    General Vaudreuil of New France surrenders Montreal, the last stronghold in North America, without firing a single shot when a British army of 17,500 British regulars, American provincial troops, and Indians converge on the city from three directions.
  • Treaty of Pairs

    Treaty of Pairs
    after the treaty of pairs was signded, it marked the offical end of the french and indian war. With it, came more land for the british.
  • Pontiac 's Rebellion

    Pontiac 's Rebellion
    After the French-Indian War, an Ottawa Indian chief named Pontiac, went to other Indian chiefs along the Ohio River Valley to start a rebellion. He wanted to start a rebellion, because the British fur trappers and traders were on the land where the French and Indians lived.
  • Pontiac 's Rebellion

    Pontiac 's Rebellion
    Arter 2,000 colonist die, then the settlers give indians blanckets in frcted with small pox. Tribes steadly feel apart.
  • Pontiac 's Surrender

    Pontiac 's Surrender
    Pontiac himself signed a peace treaty at Oswego. Three years latter he was mudered.