French imperialsm

By djs1057
  • Darrin, Brett, Joe

    The dates are not correct they are put in because each was in the 1750's
  • I want more land

    I want more land
    From September 7-9. French forces attacked and captured the city of madras from the British. They occupied it until the end of hostilities when it was exchanged for a British conquest of Louisbourg in North America as part of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.
  • wage war

    wage war
    The french and indians began to wage war. This is the time when they started to fight for the land.
  • My land

    My land
    The British wanted to take over the French's land. If the British took over the french's land the French would lose their fur trade. If they lost their fur trade it would hurt them.
  • More Land

    More Land
    England and the french wanted ever more land. They started to take over on North America.
  • First come first get

    First come first get
    The British showed up on the French's land and started to claim it as their own. the French got mad because there was a river for travel and trade.