French and indian war

French and Indian war timeline by Acacia Farber-Krug

  • War of Jenkins ear

    War of Jenkins ear
    Robert Jenkins was illigally taking slaves onto a carribean island and was cought by some spaniards. They cut off one of his ears. This gave the British a reason to decale war on Spain. When it was only an excuse.
  • Join or Die by Benjamin Franklin

    Join or Die by Benjamin Franklin
    He made this cartoon in the hopes that the people would reunite and come together to survive the French and Indian war. He thought that seperatly the different colonies would die off. But if they were all together then they would have a very good chance of winning. Each part of the snake stands for a part of America all chopped up like that it wasnt very useful but as one country tit would be very deadly. This is the first step to trying to get the colonies united and is very important.
  • French attack Fort Necessity

    French attack Fort Necessity
    The french attack fort necessity with 700 men and surrender with 400 that means the fort held pretty well. Also a lot of french were killed. Location, Uniontown, Pennsylvainia
  • British 4 part attack plan

    British 4 part attack plan
    British decided upon a 4 part attack plan for New France. Braddock is to take Fort Duquense and Ohio country, Gov. Shirley is to take drive toward Niagara, Indian Superintendant William Johnson is to take Crown Point, Gen Robert Monckton is to invade French Arcadia. This is important because it will split the army and hepl decide if they can hold themselves.
  • Battle of Monongahela River

    Battle of Monongahela River
    English lose 914 men out of 1,300, French lose. By the Monongahela River.
  • Battle of lake George

    Battle of lake George
    William Johnson was able to get the Iroquois to unite with the colonists. He led them to Albany to fight French troops led by German Leader. These French were trying to take control of Lake George. With only Iroquois and a few colonists he was surprisingly sucessful in beating the French. This showed the British and colonists that it was very good that the Iroquois were on there side. This is located in New York.
  • British defeated at Ft. Duquesne

    British defeated at Ft. Duquesne
    this takes place at fort Duquesne. Were General Braddock's men were defeated by the Indian and French-Canadian forces
  • Fort Oswego surrenders

    Fort Oswego surrenders
    This is important because a lot of british prisoners are taken 1,700 and the fort is burned to the ground so it is no more. This took place at Fort Oswego.
  • William Pitt becomes Secretary of State

    William Pitt becomes Secretary of State
    Dec William Pitt becomes Secretary of State for the Southern Department and responsible for the American colonies
    American colonists are treated more as partners rather than subjects-promised reimbursement for war expenses,no demotion for provincial officers in army-great surge of support in the colonies
  • French take Ft. Oswego

    French take Ft. Oswego
    French commander Montcalm takes fort, but discoveres that his Indian allies kill wounded soldiers, take scalps, and make slaves of captives.
  • siege of fort William Henry

    siege of fort William Henry
    It was important because Montcalm with 6,200 regulars and 1,800 Indians attack 2,500 men under Monro's comand at Fort William Henry, fort surrenders ,about 200 English massacred by Indians after leaving fort
  • French Fort Frontenac

     French Fort Frontenac
    French Fort Frontenac surrenders to British commander Bradstreet. This is important because French lose control of Lake Ontario
  • French Fort Niagara surrenders

    French Fort Niagara surrenders
    Closer to the french surrendering. Locarion, Youngstown, New York.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    Even through British commander General Wolfe and French commander Montcalma are killed, British forces take control over Quebec in an uphill attack. French lose a commander.
  • French surrender Montreal

    French surrender Montreal
    This is in Quebec. The French surrender for the final time and give up the land.
  • Iriquois join British-American alliance

    Iriquois join British-American alliance
    This happenes in the American colonies. The Iriquois joining helped them to win. It turned the tid and might have been the difference between winning and lossing. Getting to live were they were or being kicked off and having to go some were else to find land.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Treaty signed is Paris, France. because of it the Franch giveup North American land. Spain gets all the land west of the Mississippi and New Orleans. England gets all land east of the Mississippi River and Canda. This ends the war. It divides the land.