French And Indian War Timeline

Timeline created by peyton.davis
  • Tensions grow

    Tensions grow
    Tension grows between France and England over competing land and trading claims. Some conflict break out in areas. This conflict marked marked another chapter in the long struggle between Britain and France.
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    Fort Necessity was the opening action of the French and Indian War. George Washington performs a surprise attack on the French and defeats them. Him and his troops retreated to Great Meadows and built Fort Necessity
  • British defeated at Ft. Duquesne

    British defeated at Ft. Duquesne
    General Braddock's force of 1,450 men. The British were surrounded and defeated by Indian and French forces.
  • French take Ft. Oswego

    French take Ft. Oswego
    French commander Montcalm takes fort. Then discovers that his Indian allies kill wounded soldiers, take scalps, and make slaves prisoners.
  • Massacre Ft William Henry

    Massacre Ft William Henry
    Fort Henry was attacked by the French in August 1757. There were about 10,000 French and Indians from Canada. Many British soldiers were massacred and the main enemies were the French and the British. he French allied with Shawnee, Lenape, Ojibwa, Ottawa, and the Algonquin people. The British allied with Iroquois,Catawba,and the Cherokee.Their guns have been overused,the Fort's walls were breaking,which caused Monro( A British Army Officer)to surrender.
  • American colonists refuse to serve under British commander

    American colonists refuse to serve under British commander
    Modern British commander Loudoun closely kept an eye on the war effort, requesting correct numbers of Americans and cash from colonies. Americans started to refuse to cooperate.
  • William Pitt guides British war effort

    William Pitt guides British war effort
    Pitt looked for to get changed to other form stretch with representatives (someone who is to speak for someone else) of a country controlling another by giving undertaking payment in size to support of war hard work, giving controlling by another assemblies control of get newcomers, sending thousands more British army men, and giving another in place of Lord Loudoun ( It says it is not spelled right but it is)with a more reasonable military chief
  • French surrender Montreal

    French surrender Montreal
    Greatly outnumbered French forces are defeated in war's final battle in the Americas. Over 18,000 men invaded Canada by 3 waterways. Montreal surrendered to the British, and with the Treaty of Paris in 1763 New France was officially surrendered to Britain.
  • British capture Havana, Manila from Spain

    British capture Havana, Manila from Spain
    As Spain enters the war as a French ally, Spain gets defeated from British forces. The Siege( or as I like to say investment) of Havana was a successful investment against Spanish-ruled Havana that lasted from March to August.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    All of the French's possessions, except New Orleans , are given to the British. All French possessions west of Mississippi are given to the Spanish. France regains or gets Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia.