French and Indian War Timeline

  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    Washington surrenders Fort Necessity to the French. They couldn't defend themselves because the rain storms had flooded the fort and damaged their amo.
  • British defeated at Fort Duquesne

    British defeated at Fort Duquesne
    During the battle of Fort Duquesne, General Braddock was shot and killed. Though the French and Indians were outnumbered, they had managed to defeat the British.
  • War Declared: The Seven Year War

    War Declared: The Seven Year War
    The English had declared war on the French. They had declared war because of the French claiming the Ohio Valley, and it gets it's name from a battle in Europe that was occuring during the same time.
  • The Albany Conference

    The Albany Conference
    After the French and the Indians had defeated the British, the British tried to find a way to overpower them. They tried to get the Iroquois to fight on their side against the French, but they refused. They did not want to fight against other indians and did not want to fight a white man's war. Then, William Johnson persuaded them into fighting along with the British by promising them protected land.
  • The French take Ft. Oswego

    The French take Ft. Oswego
    The French commander named Louis Joseph de Montcalm took over Fory Oswego. Unfortunatly, he had found out that the Indians take wounded soldiers and make them slaves of captive.
  • William Pitt

    William Pitt
    William Pitt was a secretary of state and wanted to reduce tension with the colonists. He promised them payment if they supported war effort, gave colonial assemblies control of recruitment, send thousands of british soldiers, and replace the commander.
  • British Capture Ft. Duquesne and Louisbourg

    British Capture Ft. Duquesne and Louisbourg
    General Ahmerst caprures Fort Duquesnne and Louisbourg. The French abandon Louisebourg and burn Fort Duquesne before retreating North.
  • The Battle of Quebec

    The Battle of Quebec
    The British knew that if they were able to take over Quebec, the rest of the country would fall under their control. Their general was James Wolfe and General Montcalm was the general of the French. The English won the battle, howerver Wolfe and Montcalm were both killed.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    During the Treaty of Paris, France gave up all claimed North American possesions and gave land west of Mississipi and New Orleans to Spain. All land east of Mississipi River and Canada was given to England.
  • Quartering Act

    Quartering Act
    Parliament enacts the Quartering Act. This act requires the colonists to provide housing, food, and other provisions for the British troops.