French and Indian War - Devon

  • Pitt steps in

    Major general jeffery amherst dint like sir willaim johnson; He didnt like him at all. Amherst was a professional soldier who became commander of englands forces in the northern colonies. He was smart and capable , But also stuffy and haughty. Amherst didnt think much of the american colnist, And he detested native americans- HE rlly did believe they were savages.
  • A Taxing king

    Who was the old mother ? WHy england of coarse We were the colonist. Ben franklin was right. king geoarge III and his minister didnt belive the colonist were grown up capable of ruling themselve. The coloist knew they were.. After all theyd benn running most of thier own affairs from the timet they where first arived in the new world
  • What is an american??????

    Michel Guillaume jean de Crevecoeur jahn duh krevkur was a frenchman withred hair, Freckles, a small frame , and a cheerful face. When he was 19 he went to canada and fought in the french and indain war on thw side of the french. Crevecoeur was a mapmaker for general montlcalm. But when he saw the english colonies and the freedom they offerd, He changed his ideas.
  • The rights of englishmen

    Just what were thoase english rights the americans kept demanding for them selves? To understand that u need to know there was a time when kings in england could do anything they wanted to do: They could kill people or take all their land and money, or Lock them in dungeons and keep them there. SOme english history will help you understand. way back in the 13 century in england.
  • The Battle of Quebec

    The Battle of Quebec
    the British defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec Canada on September 13, 1759. This battle was a turning point in the war for control of the continent. Quebec was important because which ever side controled the fort Quebec could control the water traffic up the St. Laurence River. With the British in Control, the French could not get supplies to thier armies in the Great Lake and Ohio River Valley.
  • From colonies to coutry

    July 4th,1776 seemed to be just an ordinary day. But if king george 3 had put an ear to the ground, he surely would have heeard the earh trembuling. something was goin happen that changed that day for ever.
  • Jenkin's Ear

    Jenkin's Ear
    By the 18th century europe had finished with hundreds of years of the religous war.A new kinda of conflict was begining. There was a new war ws goin start. THis war was over econmic gain. THe fight was about land and money. Not ideas or leligon. and it speaed from eruope to to america to inda to the phillippine islands. It was the start of world wide war.
  • The fire brands

    Can you guess what a firebrand os??? Fire Brands were very usefull when people didnt have mathches and the only heat in a house came from the fireplace. You Have probuly figuerd out. A Firebrand is a stick of wood with a spark of fire at ine end. Now if you look in the dictionary you will see another meaning for fire_-bramd
  • Freedom of the press

    peter zenger was 13 when he sailed to america. He set out from germany in 1710 with his parents and his brother and sister. They were excited when they left there home. They were looking forward to a good life in a land of freedom and opportinty.
  • A most remarkable man

    A the very time of the hummiliation at fort duquesne. When Geogre washington, Daniel Boone, And general edward braddock were defeated by french and indans Foes. A nohawk indaun was readying himself for a warriors dance. The ,mohawk named warraghiyagey paintes bright designs on his naked chest. Stepped into a deerskin kilt adorned with porcupine quills, an ddonned a cap topped with a single eagle feather . Tied to his wrist and ankles were dreid deer hoofs that rattled as he moved
  • Frenchmen and indians

    Frenchmen and indians
    In north america the french and indan war changed the future of the continet . it was a warto awnser this question: which would be the stronger power in north america-enland or france.
  • Staying in charge

    England now had a big responceibilty. She had to mange almost 2 million people in thhe 13 colonies, she had to take control of 60,00 french specking people in canada and around the great lakes, and she had to keeo the english colonist and native americans from killing each other. The king of england had great