French and indian war

  • British defeted at Ft.Duquesne

    British defeted at Ft.Duquesne
    General Braddocks 1450 men surrounded and defeated by french and indian forces.
  • French take Ft.Oswego

    French take Ft.Oswego
    French commander Montcalm takes the fort but finds out his indian allies had killed the wounded soldiers and taken scalps along with making slaves of the captives.
  • Massacre at Ft. wliiam Henry

    Massacre at Ft. wliiam Henry
    When british surrendered colonial and british garrison over Montcalm who promised safe passage back to england the indians killed 185 of them and took 310 british captive.
  • Period: to

    William Pitt drives war effort

    William Pitt tries to reduce tension between colonists and british. He gave colonial assemblies control of recruiting and sent in thousands of british soldiers.
  • American colonists refuse to serve under british commander

    American colonists refuse to serve under british commander
    The new british commader demanded exact numbers of recruits and money form colonies. The american colonists began to refuse to cooperate with him.
  • Louisberg amd Ft. Duquense taken by British

    Louisberg amd Ft. Duquense taken by British
    The british and american, idian forces defeat the French who abandoned Louisberg and Burned Ft. Duquense before foolishly retreating north.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    The British attack Quebec and Gen. Wolfe is killed in battle. The battle took place in an uphill battle.
  • Battle of Quiberon bay.

    Battle of Quiberon bay.
    The British win this battle in an effort to stop French naval ships from entering rivers.
  • Iroquios join Brtish-American forces

    Iroquios join Brtish-American forces
    With the addition of this idian ally the tide tips to the British's advantage
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was signed by both the French and British which ended the bloodshed of the French and Idian war.