French and Indian War

  • British defeated at Fort Duquesne

    British defeated at Fort Duquesne
    Braddocks Froce of 1450 men were surrounded and then defeated by Indian and the French Canadian forces. Location:Western Pennsylvania (present-day Pittsburgh)
  • French take Fort Oswego

    French take Fort Oswego
    Commander of the French, Montcalm takes the fort. He is horrified to discover that his Indian Allies had killed wounded soldiers, take their scalps, and make Slave Captives. Location:Upstate New York
  • Period: to

    William Pitt guides British war effort

    As Secretary of State William Pitt tried to reduced disagrements with colonists by promising payment that is the same as the support for war effort giving colonial assemblies control of recruitment sending thousands more British soldiers and replacing Lord Loudoun with a more fair commander Location:London
  • Massacre at Fort William Henry

    Massacre at Fort William Henry
    surrender of British and colonial garrison to Montcalm, the indians killed 185 and took 310 British Captivies Location:Upstate New York
  • American colonists refuse to serve under British commander

    American colonists refuse to serve under British commander
    The new British commander Lord Loudoun closely managed the war effort, wanting exact numbers of recruits and money from colonies. The american colonists began to refuse to cooperate with him Location:American Colonies Location:American colonies
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    British commander General Wolfe is killed along with French commander Montcalm. British forces take Quebec in a shocking uphill attack. Location:Quebec
  • Battle of Quiberon Bay

    Battle of Quiberon Bay
    British victory prohibited Frenchs navy ability to resupply forces in Canada. Location:Off France
  • French surrender Montreal

    French surrender Montreal
    Greatly outnumbered French forces are beat in the wars final battle in America. Location:Quebec
  • Period: to

    British capture Havana, Manila from Spain

    As Spain enters the war as a French ally it suffers the defeat from British naval forces. Location:Cuba, Philippine Islands
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    France gives up claims to all North American possessions. Land west of the Mississippi and New Orleans go to Spain. Land east of the Mississippi River and Canda go to England Location:Paris, France