French and Indian War

By leah121
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    George Walshington surrendered to the French at Fort Necessity. There mission was to elimnate France presence in North America. The British failed.
  • braddock

    Braddock and the Engish and the colonail were defeted by the French and the Indains at Fort Duquesne
  • Lake George

    Lake George
    Johnso and Henrick triumph at Lake george.
  • Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia
    6000 people have to leave Nova Scotia because they would not be loyaly to england
  • Fort William Henry

    Fort William Henry
    On May 1756 war was declared AT Fort William Henry started, The Britished soldiers were a massacred. There was so many British soldier were killed.
  • English

    The Englidsh declared war on the French in Europe. Thats where the name Seven Year's War comes in.
  • Louisbourge

    On Jul 1758 General Jeffrey amherst captures the country of Lousbourge.
  • Iroquois

    Johnson's th eengish soldiers and the Irouquois Idians took over the Fort of Niagra.
  • Quebec

    In 1759 the English and the french went to battle at Quebce. The English won the battle. Wolfe and Montcalm were killed at the battle of Quebec.
  • Treaty for Paris

    Treaty for Paris
    Treaty for Paris end the French and Idian War