french and indian war

  • washington leads

    washington leads
    washington leads 150 viginians to victory over the french
  • corgress aproves

    corgress aproves
    albany congress aproves benjamin franklins plan but not all colonies agree
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    fort necessity was built by the brittish and was the begining of the war
  • Period: to

    french and indian war

  • fort necessity

    fort necessity
    washington surrenders fort necessity
  • fort duquesne

    fort duquesne
    braddock and his english and colonial army are defeated at fort duquesne
  • lake george

    lake george
    johnson and hendrick win the battle of lake george
  • acadians are expelled

    acadians are expelled
    6000 are expelled from Nova Scotia after refusing loyalty to the king of Britian
  • English declare war on french

    English declare war on french
    The English declare war on the french
  • general jeffery

    general jeffery
    at this time general jeffery capertures luisbourg
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    this treaty ends the french and indian war
  • end of potiancs rebelian

    end of potiancs rebelian
    pontiac was the otawata chief, and he united the tribes of the geat lakes, and then he attaacked all 12 brittish forts and captured 8 of them